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We, Italian exchange student, decided to come together and write this document to make our voices heard from far away, in the offices where the decision about our future are made. Moreover, we decided to write it in English so our fellow AFSer and now international friends could take advantage of.

We understand that the situation is becoming more and more warring. In a first instance we would like to thanks all the volunteers and staff that are spending time trying to take car of us in those exceptional circumstances.

We are aware of the new emerging coronavirus its diffusion and its dangers. It is quiet striking that a virus could expand and become an epidemic in only 2 weeks. Even tho the mortality rate are still at the moment lower than other viruses (lower than 2%, while influenza virus is around 10%), the infection rate is something it wasn’t seen many times before.

In this contest we want to oppose to the decision of the AFS international network of immediate “go back home”. We think at this stage, the apex of the diffusion, it will be a bigger threat for our health, a major risk to be exposed to the virus , to undertake a journey by plane/bus/trains to Beijing. Every international health body (WHO, Chinese ministry of health, Italian government) advice to avoid crowded enclosed places for long time. And none of those suggest immediate “run out” of the country.

Give the fact that none of us is close to the main areas of infection or of a high risk zone (we are all around 500-2000 kilometres away), here we stand to ask:


1) allow the single student, together with its family, freedom about the conclusion of the program and immediate repatriation decision.


2) If there is not whatsoever possibility to appeal the decision and a repatriation will be mandatory (decision which find us all united and opposed) we ask to think about our health and wellbeing rather than panic following the media and wait until the virus will be more contained, which given the nature of the virus and the exceptional measure which have been putted into place, it is foreseen to be in a short length of time.