Sign this so our leaders know it's time to form USSA, the United States of Southern Africa

Sign this so our leaders know it's time to form USSA, the United States of Southern Africa

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Sign this petition to let everyone know we are ready for the United States of Southern Africa. We are ready to punch weight as a single force.

The scientific affirmation of the omicron variant of the covid19 fame in Southern Africa on November 25, 2021 ought to have been a milestone in many ways. This was a rare moment of inspiration in the very region where uptake of health science messages is facing resistance. Here was Southern Africa taking a responsibility, more importantly, kinsmen were now blowing the horn from the courtyard. A region seemingly accustomed to patronage was now in the fore. How louder can it get? What more could a public health messiah ask for than a local herald to the gospel of covid19 measures? How much more local can the litany of health go?

The reality is very much in contrast to this ideal. Instead Southern Africa is ostracized. Safrophobia is running amok. Where the world ought to see initiative they see poverty. Instead of adding to the voice Southern Africa is buried in all manner of jeers. Making true the saying “a poor man's voice has no reception at the community roundtable”

Here are a few stylised facts for the region available from public datasets. Southern Africa is home to 345 million people roughly equal to or less than the population size of China, India or the United States of America. The gross domestic output as of 2018 was 721.3 billion in United States currency an output that pales in comparison to the other most popular nations.

Southern Africa occupies a total land area of 556781 square kilometres. So Southern Africa has more land area but less domestic output than each of these countries Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, South Korea, Spain and Netherlands. To rub it all in, South Korea and Netherlands have the next comparable population density to Southern Africa but churn out higher domestic output.

Like Southern Africa all these countries have sea access which is the most efficient medium of trade that underlies all successful economies. 

As of 2020, the median age in Southern Africa was 27, far much lower than all the sub regions in South America, Asia and Europe. Needless to say the potential to yield a game changing human capital base is immense from such a young population.

These comparable subregions and countries carry considerable scientific and diplomatic weight we should aim to emulate from. The odds are neither stacked against us nor them.

Let us unite. Let us promote indigenous science so that our people can understand and follow. A United States of Southern Africa will protect our values, project our voice and ultimately realise our economic potential.

10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!