Petition Demanding Reparations From Britain and the United States.

Petition Demanding Reparations From Britain and the United States.

December 7, 2020
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Africans in Bermuda colonized by Britain through brutal slavery for over 400 years.
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Why this petition matters

We the undersigned, demand the government of Britain pay 1 Billion dollars, for every year that the African people of Bermuda have been
held under slavery and colonialism.

The U.S. also has participated for centuries, in this colonial oppression of Africans in Bermuda.
In more recent history, the closing of two U.S military bases left behind a varied toxic trail, also environmental damage.
Decades of negligence; improper disposal / clean up of oil, chemicals and miscellaneous military waste, continue to blemish the beautiful island. Other hazardous materials also remain, including abated asbestos, left in numerous
now deteriorating storage containers and in buildings still publicly used.

The British have dominated Bermuda, bringing the first African slaves in 1612. While the true history of slavery in Bermuda was obscured, with many thinking it was benign, evidence shows it was quite heinous with a history of  uprisals and insurrections.  One of the most well organized self defense plans that was discovered and violently prevented, had the potential to end slavery in Bermuda! This plan to kill every slave owner in one night, occurred 30 years before the Haitian Revolution. 

Bermuda has been the play ground of wealthy foreigners for centuries and a successful business center / haven of foreign interests for many generations. Bermuda is considered today the 'Insurance Capital' of the globe.

Huge areas of the island are consistently being purchased by foriegn corporations, also smaller properties. Many strategic businesses, a foreign owned airport, hospital and a near foreign grocery monopoly, etc., exist as even more visible, viable and potential threats to our very survival and self determination!

Africans in Bermuda have never enjoyed the bliss they've created for others locally and around the world. Increasingly Africans in Bermuda are becoming more and more left out of the equation, more disenfranchised. Many of our younger generation have fled to UK in hope of a better life only to end up on government assistance. It is time for the masses, the poor working class to have our voices heard. It is time to begin to repair our lives, our communities, as the forcibly dispersed African nation.

The due amount now totals 408 billion dollars.

Said reparations must
be paid to the African People’s Socialist Party, for the development of Bermuda, as part of the African nation!

African Peoples Socialist Party-Bermuda/Facebook



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Signatures: 66Next Goal: 100
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