Africans For Immigration Reform-TPS Extension and Self Petition

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We the people, members of the African immigrant community and supporters respectfully request that President Donald Trump and Mr. John F Kelly redirects the Department of Homeland Security to allow Temporary protected status holders from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone the opportunity to adjust their statuses to permanent residency at the end of the Temporary protected status period in May, since it will no longer be renewed or grant us another 18 month extension. The beneficiaries in the United States, are not only from the 2014 Ebola crisis, but people that have maybe been out of status due to not being able to adjust their status and have used the Temporary protected status to correct that and fear going back to their previous statuses with no options available to them.

This brings us to the point of asking that one be given the right to self-petition, there are limited categories for one to file to adjust status at the moment and most if not everyone do not have the opportunity needed to have someone file a petition on their behalf and in essence be able to adjust their status. Even though the Ebola crisis no longer poses an immediate public health risk as per the United States in these respective countries. The previously weak public healthcare infrastructures were decimated by the outbreak including the loss of hundreds of health care workers. Even though, it is beyond the immediate danger of Ebola, the countries have not fully recovered and the fact remains that these countries are not equipped to accept an influx of their citizens already residing in the United States Of America.

Temporary Protected Status(TPS) recipients from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are now legally employed and have become critical contributing members of their households in America and in their countries of origin. This petition is not only for these three countries, but for all out of status African immigrant and all immigrants of different origins as a whole, that need to adjust their statuses. If, there is an opportunity to self-petition, all immigrants will be legal in the United States of America. They are out of status due to circumstances beyond their control. A lot of us have been in the United States Of America for decades and are in all essence of the word, Americans.

We are your homeowners, health care workers, we take care of your senior citizens, mentally ill, elderly, we are your nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers,lecturers, professors, cab-drivers, janitors, hotel workers, airport workers, business analysts, financial analysts, politicians, business owners, taxpayers, scientists, you name it we are there and even our First Lady Melania Trump is also an immigrant. Isn't that awesome.

Mr. President and Mr. Secretary of homeland security we respectfully request again that you look at our conditions and help us, become legal permanent residents of the United States of America or grant us another TPS extension or allow us to self-petition. Thank you and God bless America.

Jacqueline Ayo-Davies - Founder

Africans for Immigration Reform.


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