Help me save the cheetah from extinction!

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There is five subspecies of the cheetah and two of them are critically endangered. The Northwest African and Asiatic cheetah need our help!! I love animals, especially cats and it breaks my heart to see them this way. The other subspecies of cheetah status is vulnerable, but should be endangered. Threat for the cheetah is throughout its range as a result of habitat loss, prey disappearing, human contact and low levels of genetic variation. The low levels of genetic variation is result to a mass extinction that occurred somewhere between 11,000 and 12,000 years ago. The cheetahs that survived are the ones you see today. Cheetahs require large territories for hunting. They aren't very strong to fight off other animals for food which is a problem. Cheetah numbers are getting fewer since they have to fight with stronger animals for survival. Poachers come in and kill the cheetah for their coat and medical reasons. All these factors against the cheetah is the reason the other subspecies are vulnerable. Cheetahs are good for the ecosystem. They help keep animal populations down and the spread of disease from going around. We need to save the cheetah because they are the fastest land animals ever to live on the planet! What needs to be done is to stop poachers everywhere from killing the cheetah for their fur, save their habitats from declining even more, reserving an area of land just for cheetahs so people wouldn't be able to kill them, and banning fur sales so less cheetahs will be killed for their fur and populations will grow if it's banned. If cheetahs were to disappear, there would be a domino effect. There would be too many herbivores, a resulting loss of vegetation, more soil erosion, less water in the fields and a negative impact on the health of the ecosystem. So please join me in the fight to save the cheetah! Together we can do it!!