Help prevent a genocide in Burundi

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Help prevent a genocide in Burundi

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The Organization for World Peace started this petition to African Union and

A Petition from the International Community to demand that the Burundian government Accept African Union Peacekeepers

Dear youth and youth led advocates over the world; the OWP is writing to you concerning a groundbreaking, youth-led campaign against the Burundian government’s refusal to accept African Union peacekeepers into their country.

Since April 25th when, Burundi’s national party, the National Council for the Defense of Democracy announced that President Pierre Nkurunziza would run for a third term in the 2015 presidential election, there has been widespread protests sparked up by those who resent and oppose the incumbent president running for another term. As a result, the government shut down access to internet, telephone networks, and universities in the country. The incumbent government also categorizes such protesters as acts of terrorism.

Consequently, this has triggered massive violence and political unrest in the country, with many people fleeing into neighboring states, hundreds being arrested, many injured, and several protesters, civilians and police have been killed. Taking a look at the massive human rights violations, currently going on in the country, it is important to stand up and take action before this transforms into genocide, similar to what happened in Burundi a decade ago and in Rwanda in 1993.

Also, taking into cognizance the global challenges of migration and refugees, it is important to address the crisis in Burundi before thousands of lives will be found at the Lampedusa Sea seeking refuge in Europe.

The African union as a regional hegemon has proposed to send its peacekeeping forces into Burundi, to help address the conflict in the country. However, the Burundian government has denied the Africa union’s request to send peacekeeping. It is therefore in this regard that we are calling on youth all over the world to endorse this petition, to join this effort in protecting the lives of innocent citizens in Burundi and to demand Burundi’s government to accept African Union peacekeeping forces.

We demand the following:

1) African Union Peacekeepers be allowed into Burundi to monitor and enforce peace in the country.

2) The Burundian government immediately cease all hostilities toward civilians.

3) The African Union find peaceful noncombative solutions to dealing with the crisis and do not rely on the use of military force in response to dealing with the current conflict.

4) All necessary steps are taking to prevent genocide including the protection of internally displaced people in Burundi and the welcoming of refugees attempting to flee the conflict.

#StandUp, Take Action and Save Lives in Burundi.

#peaceispossible if we make it possible


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This petition had 3 supporters