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African leaders must accept Trump's truth on 'shithole' comment and work for change

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This petition goes to all African Heads of Government, dictatorial democracies, sit-tight rulers, kleptomaniac, rapacious, larcenous, and looting elite political class who have through the years rendered Africa a laughing stock to the whole world.

And so it was: President Donald Trump of the USA last week called Africa and some Latin American countries, 'Shitholes'. Trump's words have been widely condemned as racist. No need to go too far on that. 

However, while it is necessary to judge the cognitive process behind words, which perhaps will justify the 'racist' label, it is still necessary to point out the truism which Trump's words represent especially for Africa. You leaders of Africa know that Trump's words are true of the nations you have led over the years. And Trump was not responsible. You are. Trump only says exactly that which you have made our nations: 'shitholes', 'backwoods' and 'eyesore' of the world, a place of despair, hopelessness and easy death. 

Indeed, we the youths of Africa concur there is need for some kind of response about Trump's comment, but the response you African leaders have given/are giving, once again, missed/misses the marks. You, African leaders, condemn Trump rather look yourselves and the countries you run in the mirror of that contempt which Trump and his followers hold for us. 

They are unhappy that we have constituted a single most tragic nuisance to them due to non-stop streaming of 'immigrants', our brother and sisters waiting to be allowed into their country. We have driven immigration to be become one of the most crucial issue of their politics, because millions of us are escaping our continent everyday and breaking through their borders. This is truth, and you all know it.        


Another truth is: almost all of you run repressive regimes that run Africa into cesspool, pauperized the children of the continent. Hope has gone for many in the continent. Nothing is working in almost the entire sub-saharan Africa: education, infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, agriculture, jobs. Nothing.

So, indeed, we African youths acknowledge the words of Trump to be truth of what you have made our beloved nations. We therefore do not demand apology from Trump, we demand it from you, we also demand change from you.  

You political class and your cronies loot our nations to fund life hedonistic and gormandizing lifestyles. Your citizens are perishing in poverty while you buy up choice properties in Europe and elsewhere, live posh, spend on premium brands.

You African leaders build roads, you don't ply them, you build hospitals, but when you are sick you fly abroad, you build schools but your children do not study there. You have security agencies but you pay for private guards around you and your families. If these be the truth, is it not confirmation that Trump's words are true? Only shit-hole nations don't buy what they sell in their own market as best value.  

Only leaders of 'shithole' nations offer their citizens what they cannot sign up for. Yes, only such nations fail to offer their citizens the basic necessities of life. But yes, which nations in sub-Saharan Africa do this?          

You leaders have sold today and tomorrow of your citizens, especially the youths who are now mostly disillusioned. Majority of us, young people, now see migration out of the continent as the only hope for survival in the absence of opportunities in our countries. Words fail to recall the millions who have perished in the Sahara desert, the Mediterranean and elsewhere, trying to get away from Africa. 

We are the laughing stock of the world. Our youths are being sold as slaves in Libya and elsewhere. They are murdered by desert terrorists as they wander. They are shown on televisions around the world. They are the faces of our malnourished, poverty and social decay. All these despite us not having ongoing wars.

So, we admit that the words of Trump aptly define the nations of Africa. Those words hurt us; only because they are TRUE. You leaders have run our nations aground; yes, many African states are shit-holes. It is time to grapple with this truth.  

That you actually ask Trump for apology goes to show us, the young people, that you leaders have no shame. Because Trump's words call for introspection. If Trump had called Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, and many countries which started development race with Africa 'shithole' no one would have blinked. They would rather have said he was being ignorant, he probably had never seen those places.

The Western media may seem to support you: but the truth is; Trump's comment resonated with them by its TRUTH quality. Trump said what many people in the world think of us today: a continent which is the backwoods of the world. That explains their visa policies, immigration rules concerning African countries. They don't say it to our face; but we know it by how we are treated in these countries, we see it in every taxi we board, every class students attend, every conference, every TV report, every other candid conversation with a Westerner.   

So, young people like us praise Trump for at least being truthful. He insulted us, it hurts, but it is truth. Truth saves. If this truth saves us, saves Africa, Trump would have done us the greatest service. If this truth leads to a righteous anger which will propel us to change our story, then would we have given the most right response.  But when all you could do is to begin grandstanding that Trump should issue you apology, it shows you neither understand nor ready to change. 

Trump will never apologise to you. To prove to you how foolish you all are. No, it is not Trump who needs to apologise, he knows you are all ranting. Your nations have have nothing to threaten him about, Trump still signs off millions in aid which you elites will loot.

So, rather, you ought to be the ones apologizing to the youths of Africa for your failure which has led to our beloved home being given such an abhorrent epithet, being held to such contempt by the rest of the world. 

As a matter of fact, Trump's words resonates with multitudes of us, African children, who have been betrayed through many years of selfish, rudderless leadership in Africa. So we demand change.  


1. We youths of demand an unreserved apology from all you African leaders who have been in government for years, feathered your nests while our countries have lagged in the backwoods.  

2. We demand sit-tight regimes which have run their nations for many years without any result to resign and open up leadership for young people to find a direction for their nations.

3. We demand a conveyance of African Youth Development Council to draw up (at least) a 50 year workable development plan for the continent.

4. We demand the dissolution of AU and forming a new union, one which is not devised as a tool for political hostage of African states. 

5. We demand each nations leaders to convey conference of young people to sit down and discuss solutions to their nations' problems, with a promise to implement the outcomes of the conference. 

6. We demand that each nation listen to their youths and implement changes that might arise following this petition and others like it. 

In the end, we tell you African leaders, in condemning Trump, you do not represent us. To represent us in this humiliation, you must champion a revolution of change, not business as usual. We state that healing is not by words of apology, but by revolutionary change. Enough is enough.      

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