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  The power of European colonialism is a force that continues to move within Africa. The Ethiopian people have encountered how the whispers of imperialism have divided them over the years. We are therefore appealing to the African Union, African leaders, women, youths, activists, the United Nations, the USA, and Africans on the continent and Diaspora, to help save the Amara Ethnic group in Ethiopia from continued persecution, genocide, harassment and institutionalized injustices committed by the Tigre People Liberation Front (EPRD) a separatist government in the last 28 years. Defending the Amara people is maintaining and protecting the survival and unity of Ethiopia.

      It is important to expose the malign strategies of the colonizers and homegrown enemies of Ethiopia that work in unison to create ethnic segregation within Ethiopia and the rest of Africa to facilitate and achieve the old method of “divide and rule”. European efforts to defeat and colonize Ethiopia failed time and time again. These mortal enemies of Ethiopia have now devised new mechanisms of dismantling this historic and ancient country by orchestrating and creating bogus rhetoric of writing new history to destroy the country altogether. They have labeled the Amara as” colonizers” and the other 80 ethnic groups as, “colonized, oppressed and forced to assimilate” into Amara culture and identity. These have been the main objectives for the creation of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF) and other liberation fronts. The ultimate goal of this cynical act is to weaken the Amara people, disintegrate and balkanize the country into smaller regions that would eventually destabilize the whole East Africa endangering not only Ethiopia but also the whole African continent, Israel and the whole world at large. European powers found out that the Amaras were one of the factors that Ethiopia was never conquered and colonized during the scramble for Africa (Berlin Conference,Congo Conference and West African Conference 1884-85). Ethiopia is the only African country that was able to crush an “armed to the teeth” European army in 1896 at the battle of Adwa (Ethiopia). This world famous battle victory was led by the war genius Emperor Menelik II. This development in Ethiopia inspired all freedom seeking nations across the globe and galvanized the momentum of the liberation struggle. Emperor Menelik II became a role model of African freedom and struggle for independence by inspiring patriotism and liberation from the bondage of colonialism reverberating internationally including India, Africa and the Americas. Emperor Menelik ll is admired globally for his remarkable resistance and an astonishing defeat of a modern European army that was armed to the teeth compared to the Ethiopian army who had old rifles. This victory at Adwa (Ethiopia) is considered as African victory with global implications that quickened the momentum of the movement of the oppressed black people in the Americas and the Caribbean.

    The Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini declared war on Ethiopia during the second world war in order to revenge the loss in 1896 and colonize Ethiopia. After a stiff resistance by the Ethiopian gallant fighters Italy was once again humiliated by this east African country. The Amaras along with other ethnic fighters played significant roles to neutralize the cowardly fascist forces and the Ethiopian born traitors who joined the ranks of the enemy forces. These traitors are known as Askaris or Bandas. The European nations and their cronies continued their revenge in a different and sophisticated way to dismantle Ethiopia from within. They have been providing unlimited financial and logistical support to the children and grandchildren of the traitors to organize themselves as liberation fighters from their own country. They accuse the Amharas as “colonizers” and themselves as the “colonized” and incite other ethnic groups in the country to target the Amaras as the primary enemies of Ethiopia.

    In the last forty years the Amara ethnic group have been wantonly killed, unjustly imprisoned, extra judicially detained, displaced and tortured in prison cells. Countless places of worship such as Orthodox Christian churches and mosques have been vandalized and burnt. Christians have been persecuted, imprisoned and killed. The enemies use the homegrown terrorists to disintegrate the country and destroy their historical enemies, the Amharas. The great Amhara people emboldened the liberation of Africa by mentoring, training freedom fighters such as Mandela, Mugabe, Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumumba, Ahmed Sékou Touré, Julius Nyerere and Apollo Milton Obote, Felix Houphouet-Boigny and others. The only crime Amharas have done is to expedite the momentum for the liberation of Africa which did not please the colonial masters and the sons and daughters of the traitors that fought joining the ranks of the colonial army. The home grown implacable enemies are hell bent to destroy Ethiopia from within.

.   The greatest tragedy and nightmare for most Ethiopians was the seizure of power by children and grandchildren of the notorious traitors who fought bitterly against the motherland. This treacherous group was led by Meles Zenawi who was the chairman of TPLF and later prime minister of Ethiopia until his death in 2012. Hailessilase Gugsa was another traitor from the Tigrean ethnic group. The parents and grandparents of Meles Zenawi were Italian operatives who joined the ranks of Benito Mussolini’s colonial army.

The Amaras are by far the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. Their number is mostly under reported for political reasons. Some of the reasons of under counting and under reporting the Amara population are to undermine budget allocation, political representation and instilling the sense of minority in Amharas.
We demand the world community and the civilized civilized countries and governments to put maximum pressure on the current government to:

1. Restore peace and security in the country to stop the massacre of Amaras by Oromo extremists and ultra nationalists. There is widespread lawlessness in the country under the premiership of Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

2. Bring the perpetrators before the law who massacred Amaras, based on their identities and faith, vandalized and burnt churches and mosques in Oromia Regional State.

3. Suspend the current divisive, partial, ethnic and language based constitution that is the root cause of all the chaos, misery and segregation and replace it by a constitution that includes all stakeholders in the country.

4. Deploy international peacekeeping forces to restore peace and security in this country where foreign diplomats and embassies are significant as it is the headquarter of African Union (AU) and United Nations Economic Commission For Africa (UN-ECA).

5. Bring those who are fomenting violence, hatred and wanton killings of innocent civilians including children, women and the elderly before the law. No one should be above the law.


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