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African Penguin Population Down 90% Since 1910. Help Stop Their Extinction

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Save the currently endangered African Penguin from going Extinct. The African Penguin is a medium sized bird that can range from about 26-27 inches high and weigh about 4-11 pounds. They are most commonly found on the south-western coast of African on about 24 islands between Namibia and Algoa bay. The Average African Penguin lives about 10 to 27 years old but they can live a little longer if they are kept in captivity. Some of their nature predators include sharks, Cape Fur Seals, and on some occasions Orcas.

            In 1910 the average population of the African Penguin was about 1.5 million in the 20th century there was only 10% of the African Penguins population left. Some of the reasons that there population has decreased from 1910 are from over fishing, their eggs being taken, and ship wrecks. Commercial fishing industries have forced them to go to smaller fish breeding where they are having to try to catch and eat fish while trying not to be eaten themselves by their predators. Another reason is that their eggs are being over collected for food. An oil spill back around 2010 affected about 40% of the African penguin population. 

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