Decisive action from the African Leadership University

Decisive action from the African Leadership University

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Smangaliso Mbili started this petition to African Leadership University

A meeting following multiple complains that the student body residing at Mostar Hotel was held for an hour from 22:00 -23:00.


Below are the different problems that we are calling the African Leadership University to take decisive action:


-          Outages that have resulted in the destruction of chargers

-          Challenges with working as power goes off at different times and the generator never kicks in time.

-          Elevator not working despite the fact that the study area is on the 5th floor.


-          Students wake up and not find water in the residence for extended periods of time.

-          Hot water in the residence can only cater for 60 people while there are way over 98 living in the residence.

-          Operations confirmed that there was not going to be hot water neither would there be any solution to the presented issue.

-          The water pressure continuously becomes a challenge where.

-          There is only one working water dispenser that is on the 5th floor, though it also gets affected by the pressure.


-          Internet is not accessible from different rooms in the residence.

-          When students are all in the building, the connection is compromised and loading academic content is not possible. (Campus often is not an option as there is no space, sockets and network is also bad).

-          Operations has been engaged on this and the response has been the fact that there are a few snags being reported.


Security and Service Delivery:

-          At odd hours of the night there is no security at the front gate, this has been reported by different students who have realised this and raised it with the concerned departments with no response.

-          Valuable shoes have been stolen in the residence by people who have entered from outside, CCTV was not active to show the faces and people.

-          Anyone can enter the residence, if they drop their ID card.

-          Security and front desk staff keep changing without any notices. Students see different people almost every day.

-          Lack of the SRC Members in the residence

-          Failure by Student Life and Operations Team to visit residence and engage with the problems faced by students

-          Operations and Student Life not responding to emails sent.

-          Lack of explanation for leaving Rouge By Desir for Mostar Hotel

Catering System:

-          Operations together with student life have delayed with the provision of a catering system for the residence since students moved into the residence.

-          Food tasting activities have been taking place since September with no decisive action.

-          On the 09th October 2019 at 11:21, the SRC sent an email on the decided caterer and 3 hours later sent an email was sent to all the students in the residence to order their meals 16:00, which was contradictory to prior communicated information on how the process was going to work. At 20:30 students were notified that the caterer had pulled out as a result of students not ordering the food in advance. (All the information was communicated in a space of 7 hours, a time frame where all the students were in class and attended the youth connect conference.

-          Operations had a replacement for the caterer almost immediately after the one voted by students pulled out. The one proposed by operations was the least voted option.

-          Operations needs to answer as to why they choose all the service provided at the residence without the regard of performance and rating by students. (Giving of tenders to selected stakeholders that are chosen by the operations team).

-          Operations has intentionally and deceitfully made it impossible for the voted cater to stay due to over head expenses, amongst other restrictions.



-          Some scholarships have benefits that were meant to have started when the scholars arrived in school (Some scholarships have paid for a food plan that has not been provided)

-          Different charges for the bus system where the Mandela scholarship among others are invoiced for a higher amount of money than everyone else opting in for the bus.

-          Scholarships paid for scholars to be allocated 2 in the room but have been put in rooms of fours without a change in the invoices.

-          Mastercard scholars booked in rooms of fours while the scholarship paid for them to be placed in a room of two.

-          Irregularities in the invoiced insurance costs where some scholars are invoices $700 and others $150.

Medical Aid and Medical Needs:

-          Provision of a contingency plan while waiting for the insurance cards to be printed.

-          Emergency plan for students while waiting for the medical insurance

-          Lack of trained personnel in the residence to help in the case of an emergency.

-          Lack of a detailed evacuation plan in the building.

-          ALU’s communication to scholarships not consistent with what happens on the ground.

-          Some scholars not allowed to opt out of the residence as ALU has accepted payment from scholarships.

-          Chosen Hospital Facilities not adequate for the varying needs of the students,


-          For lost items as a result of the security breach.

-          Damaged items as a result of the electricity outages.

-          Transport for the month of September as several scholars never used the bus for the charged money.

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