Macky Sall is ethically and professionally UNFIT to Chair the African Union

Macky Sall is ethically and professionally UNFIT to Chair the African Union

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Lancée par Adama GAYE

If nothing is done, right now, to avert the incoming disaster, Macky Sall, Senegal's beleaguered President, will become next month, at the African Union 6-7 February Summit, the new Chair of the continental body.

This would cast a dark future for our dear Africa. It is very urgent that all Africans, whether they are leaders or ordinary citizens, to know Who this man is.

Macky Sall, contrary to the soft image some associate with his name, is in truth a criminal of the worst kind, who would come to this coveted position as AU Chair carrying a heavy-load as a killer of Senegalese youngsters, demonstrating for their constitutional democratic rights, hostage-taker, in his bid to prevent me to expose his financial and economic crimes, and a high-level looter of Senegal's natural riches.

Not only will he be plundering Africa's reputation and assets but he is likely to plot with outsiders, neocolonial and former slave traders, to subjugate our continent to their will and interests. He is their chosen puppet. 

He would destroy the social advances made by Africa in democratizing her territories. 

He is a symbol of the worst authoritarianism that already has made of Senegal a charade. 

He is an ethnically-driven person who believes that his ethnic group should rule Africa.

Stopping him right now, right away, right here is the duty of all Africans. He is unfit to occupy the position of AU Chair as his hands are full of blood and he stands as the Trojan Horse planted in Africa by outside, interlope, forces.

By any means necessary, we must stop this looming disaster -that Macky Sall represents.

Adama Gaye,

Senegalese author, Former Director of Communication Ecowas, Former Editor West Africa Magazine and author: Tomorrow, The New Africa (Editions L'Harmattan)...

500 ont signé. Prochain objectif : 1 000 !