African Heads of State: Save the African Union-Faki Mahamat Must Go

African Heads of State: Save the African Union-Faki Mahamat Must Go

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Global Pan Africanism Network(GPAN) started this petition to African heads of State and

Outcry to the African Union Chairperson in response to the letter titled: A Call for Restoration of Sound Leadership, Administrative Role and Management by Dimeji Sodeke, International Education Envoy for GPAN


The African Union bears a name that should serve as an umbrella refuge and collective mutuality, which promotes adequate sense of belonging to all African descents but it is very disappointing to find such prestigious organization not acknowledging the receival of mails of registered bodies of organization like GPAN which has grown much larger base of consciousness. This further extends to non-response of petitions raised by Africans which has portrayed the AU to be a far-fetched body not in the business of regarding the African people but eager to model after foreign bodies. Such a notion stands to be corrected if the AU proves it wrong to respond adequately to this outcry raised as related to the structure of running and its effect on the African continent and people at large.

In order to restore sanity to the African Union the current AUC Chairperson Moussa Faki must step aside and allow  able Africans to fill the void he has created in AU Leadership for the last 4 years.

The African Union commission position cannot go unopposed and we have made it very clear that we have no confidence in the leadership of Moussa Faki.

We call upon Regional organizations, African heads of state and African Union chairperson H.E Cyril Ramaphosa to extend the deadline for nominations for the African Union commission position to allow candidates who have expressed interest in the position to apply.

African Union must abide by democratic principles and allow African women to contest for the positions equally In line with the constitutional act of the African Union.

It is a known fact that the African people are witnessing staggering growth in almost all spheres of lives which the AU cannot shy away from being questioned as what is the fate of the people. This should be a talk of SDGs 2063 but the strategy in place, which must be evident enough and obtainable to average Africans to believe the workability of such template.


Global Pan Africanism Network demands an explanation from the AU Chairperson on  the letter as addressed by the AUSU as related to;

        i.            African Union’s response to COVID-19

      ii.            Staff inclusion in AU’s reform

   iii.            Transition plan as related to Change management

    iv.            Illegal acting in positions of Heads of Division or Director

      v.            Illegal confirmation of Mr. Hamza as Head of Human Resources Management

    vi.            Staff of AU ill-treatments


The hope of GPAN as a body which mean well for Africa’s progression and development with the hope the African Union will treat the people of Africa whom they precede upon with absolute regard. In vein of this, GPAN has the following recommendations for the African Union to critically look into and make structural adjustments that will be a total inclusive one;

        i.            Off-shoot structure of AU which serve as an Independent Agency that protects the rights of AU staffs, foster assessment of implementation of projects, checkmates fairness of activities and balance regional character visible in the AU structure.

      ii.            Strong media awareness and adequate circulation of AU information that fosters transparency and effectiveness of regional representation.

   iii.            Automatic citizenship to the people of African descent; with the initiation of AU passport.

    iv.            Access to land ownership for African Diaspora; the conscious indication of African diaspora as Africans i.e Welcome Home to Mother Africa.

      v.            Independent education department with a unified African curriculum across all levels of education.

vi  Extension of the African Union Commission nomination deadline to allow potential candidates to contest for the position in a fair and democratic manner.

vii The African Union should grant GPAN a permanent representation at the African Union for oversight 

viii   Amharic and Swahili to be adopted and promoted as official Languages of the African Union


African Union Election Draws Fire for Unopposed Candidate at Top

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!