African-Americans with Credentials need not apply

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I am requesting your support and signatures to petition The United States Congress for a Congressional Hearing for the wrongful, audacious and shameful conduct by those under oath, who believe they are above and beyond the law. (Please see this video-

Since June of 2008 I, Deonca Williams, have been denied justice I deserved from various state and government agencies that were very ineffective.  I have been stonewalled and ignored by the Courts (Municipal, Superior, District, Appellate and the US Supreme Court) for the theft of my $2,383 paycheck, all because of job discrimination based on my race and ethnicity.

I was the only African-American teacher of Spanish in the entire district.  Raul Guzman, World Language Supervisor, targeted me due to his hatred for African-Americans.  Guzman premeditated and viciously boasted in front of several witnesses before pay day that he was to keep my last paycheck in June 2008.   When I arrived at Payroll on June 26, 2008 to pick up my last paycheck it was not there.   A. Walton, Payroll Supervisor could not find the check after searching among other unclaimed checks.   Walton called Principal Johnson and Vice Principal Michaels.  Walton REFUSED to give me a replacement causing me distress, as I departed home empty-handed.  Both Johnson and Michaels condoned the actions of the culprit(s) who stole my paycheck thinking it was funny!  I left payroll and filed a report with the Paterson Police.

Upon finding out the police were contacted the check suddenly appeared in the hands of C. Smeltzer from Labor Relations.  The villain(s) passed the stolen paycheck to Smeltzer hoping to cover his/her tracks, because Smeltzer is an attorney.

This felony goes to Passaic County Superior Court where Prosecutor P. McCabe broke the law.  McCabe intentionally diverts the case to the WRONG COURT- Paterson Municipal Traffic Court. Every unethical conduct and every illegal trick one could imagine transpired.  The Law Firms of De Yoe, Heissenbuttel, et al and De Marco & De Marco said the paycheck “is worth less than bubble gum, a piece of fruit or a sip of beer” in efforts to avert justice.  Traffic Court ridiculously asks me for Discovery to stall.  Clerical workers sent out fictitious summonses to appear in court postmarked AFTER the court date, which is mail fraud. All subpoenaed witnesses were told by the defense to go home and not to testify. All parties had knowledge I was studying abroad and the case is re-routed back to Passaic County Superior Court with a new/ earlier court date of their choice, making it impossible for me to attend.   

No doubt my check was forged and cashed.  L.  Foyle, Custodian of Records of PNC Bank, hinders justice, sides with defense attorney(s) and Paterson Public Schools to block my subpoenas to trace the stolen check.  The Internal Revenue Service contacted me about missing income in the amount of the check. The employer and defense attorneys are the only ones who would underhandedly delete these earnings from my 2008 W-2 Form.

In District Court, Magistrate Esther Salas outright declares she will not settle, nor hear any of the injustices about job discrimination, and the check theft.  Salas tells the defense - guilty of libel, slander and defamation- they did not have to prove anything.  Magistrate Salas requests all my job searches. Shockingly I discovered her motives were rotten.  Salas interfered adversely and has prevented me from making a living, as I am unemployed/ underemployed.  Magistrate Salas used contacts at NYSDOE to tamper with and discredit my credentials.  G. Portanova and R. Bentley changed the Pathway on my Teaching Application to disqualify me from getting NYS Certification and a job anywhere.  Trickling down to the present I continue to experience character assassination and unlawful violation of my rights from prospective employers. Judge Preska (NY Federal Court) denied my right to due process, telling me I couldn’t file Forma Pauperis because NYSED was immune.  How absurd!

Magistrate Salas persisted on scheduling court appearances when the case was assigned to Appellate Court, out of her jurisdiction.  I filed several requests asking Salas be recused for judicial misconduct, but all went ignored as Salas was being promoted. I sent certified mail from JAF Post Office that apparently was not delivered/ never arrived to Appellate Court.

When history is ignored it becomes history repeated and this will be the downfall of us all! Abuse of power by those in high places with no desire to pursue righteous, should not be tolerated.  A judicial system should be like an iron that is used to smooth out the ills in society.  Instead it is attacking the people and causing devastation.

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Update (November 16, 2012)- Please see the attached letter from Ann Jasinksi of the New York State Education Department- Office of Teaching Initiatives. I qualified to teach in NY three years ago and I have been out of work due to Paterson Public Schools and NYSED for five years.  This week I received an email from Ann Jasinksi saying I am inelgible for certification to teach Spanish through Interstate Reciprocity because I PASSED all of the required exams. Ann Jasinksi is trying to discredit my experience because it was with Paterson Public Schools. I also have valid alternate route teacher training through the New Jersey Education Department.  and NYSED is pretending it does not exist just so they can continue to discriminate. This is worse than the days when Whites Only signs were posted. African-Americans and other groups such as Native Americans are still subjected to unfair and adverse treatment despite the "progress" society is supposed to have made.

November 8, 2012

Dear Ms. Williams,

 I am writing in response to your email of October16, 2012 to Dr. King regarding your application for an Initial certificate in Spanish.

 In reviewing your application, I find that we have disapproved the Conditional Initial Certificate as you are not eligible for the Conditional Initial Certificate since you have passed all of the required exams. Your application for the Initial Certificate is still pending. A pending status allows you to send additional information for another review.

 In your letter you indicate that you have three years of teaching experience under a certificate in New Jersey. In order for New York to accept your three years on experience within the last seven years under the New Jersey certificate, the three years must have been teaching Spanish in grades 7-12 under your standard certificate. If you do have three years of experience teaching Spanish under a valid Standard New Jersey certificate, please enter this experience in your TEACH account and notify me so we can review your application again.  We will not accept teaching world languages as equivalent to teaching Spanish.

 If you do not have the experience as outlined above, you are not eligible for the reciprocity pathway to certification in New York. As indicated in the letter sent to you in September 2010 and found in your TEACH account, you will need to complete the requirements for the individual evaluation pathway as outlined.

I must assure you that staff are following the same policies and procedures for all reviews of all certificate applications. 


Ann T. Jasinski

Acting Director