AFL-CIO, We as injured workers need for you to fight for us and our rights!

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We as injured workers have been deprived of our civil, constitutional & human rights through the STATES worker compensation system. We need the AFL-CIO to fight for the injured workers just as Canada's unions fight for their injured workers. For over 30 years, American injured workers have been egregiously neglected along with their rights not  being enforced.

Pushing them onto state and federal public funded programs like the SSA/Medicare has all but insured injured workers will live in abject poverty for the rest of their lives along with their families. Millions of injured workers do live in destitution along with their families and also live on the streets of America. Injured workers also suffer to what is called gang stalking, treating them as if they have done something wrong and  the insurers stalking them for years across the U.S. and paying and using America's own law enforcement to do the stalking. We need the AFLCIO to not only fight for us but to aide the U.S. Federal government in creating an investigation department on what insurers do to violate injured workers rights and for the U.S. Federal government to create a Workers Compensation Oversight Commission and department with uniform Federal standard rules and laws on the States workers compensation systems. To this day, this is one area of law that is not under the Federal government  Currently each state creates their own laws in worker compensation that have collectively eroded, to the largest degree, injured workers rights and benefits. So since they have collectively taken away injured workers rights and benefits, then it is clear that the Federal government can collectively oversee the States workers compensation systems

This is no way to treat any American that worked for decades prior to their work related injuries or illnesses. Nor should any family of an injured worker or one that has died because of a work related injury or illness suffer the many ills because the insurer does everything it can to deny rights and benefits, this too is done collectively by insurers across the U.S. So, the families too suffer violations of their civil, constitutional & human rights

Employers too, have collectively gotten away with injuring workers, firing them, not paying for their lifelong benefits like medical care and  or provide a way to survive as well as aiding in creating a substandard way of life for their families.  Injured workers have also been denied the ability to be retrained by any vocational rehabilitation which also violates their ADA rights. With employers being able to lobby legislators to change the laws that have hurt & killed millions of Americans and forcing them into abject poverty for the rest of their lives should be considered criminal on its face as well as criminal in not protecting their own workers while on the job. This too should fall under the Civil Rights laws.

So we need the AFLCIO to do the same as Canada's Union counter parts are doing for Canadian injured workers.

For what has been going on for years here in the U.S.A. on its own injured workers, they need  long overdue redress, justice,  retro compensation & protection under the laws of their U.S. Constitution for IT is no way to treat any American. We need the AFLCIO to fight for our rights and our right to live as Americans.

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