#BringBackTheBars - A campaign to restore Port Adelaide's Prison Bar guernsey from 2020

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The Port Adelaide Football Club first wore its iconic Prison Bar guernsey in 1902. Its distinctive design was inspired by the wharf pylons prominent throughout Port Adelaide, while its name was derived from a fierce and long-standing rivalry with the Norwood Football Club.

Currently, the Port Adelaide Football Club are not permitted to wear their Prison Bar guernsey full-time in the AFL. The aim of our campaign is to resolve the issues preventing that, once and for all, in a constructive and respectful manner.



In a national competition, we believe every club deserves the right to appropriately honour its heritage and history - and the Prison Bars are synonymous with so much of ours.

Season 2020 will mark the Port Adelaide Football Club's 150th anniversary, so there is no better time to restore our right to wear our guernsey at the top flight of football. With your support, we can #BringBackTheBars from 2020.

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