Justice for Afghan Youth who get discriminated based on their religion, sex, and ethnicity

Justice for Afghan Youth who get discriminated based on their religion, sex, and ethnicity

April 1, 2019
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Afghan Youth
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Why this petition matters

Started by Afghan Youth Stands

Social Injustice
Social Exclusion and Marginalization of Afghan Youth
Racial and gender-based discrimination
Youth Unemployment
Gender Inequality

Afghan Youth should have a representative in the Afghan Parliament
Government must take concrete steps to develop national level youth inclusive programs.
Law enforcement agencies must create mechanisms where Youth can report any cases of discrimination.

I started this petition because...
My name is Farhad and I am from Afghanistan. I am social entrepreneur, a non-profit executive and a consultant. I have led many initiatives to empower youth and women and to lead sustainable change through social businesses in Afghanistan's most volatile areas. Solving people's problems and leading youth in constructive manner has helped me to achieve a lot in a young age. I have been receiving world wide recognition  for the work i do and i wanted to grow my networks furthermore by becoming a member of Global Shapers community Kabul Hub. But unfortunately, i fell a victim of racial discrimination because the people who interviewed me didn't want to see a person out of their race become a member of an organization where at some point there is a chance to represent one's country in the prestigious World Economic Forum in Switzerland. But because we don't have any mechanism to report such injustice, i felt really helpless. But that was a triggering point ! i started to realize how vulnerable Afghan youth are when they can't find any tool or resource which can save them from the odds of a biased society. So, raising the voice of the unheard youth, enabling them to participate equally in the economic development of the country and to empower them to never fall victim to racial discrimination again, I have launched a movement "Afghan Youth Stands" against injustice, discrimination and inequality. The petition aims to help Afghan Youth get formal recognition and place in the governing bodies of Afghanistan - The Senate and The Parliament- Also, we will require from the Ministry of Interior to design programs where youth can get justice from. We are envisioning to create a more peaceful, tolerant and unbiased society. 

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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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