AFGHAN LIVES' MATTER - The International Community Must Act Now!

AFGHAN LIVES' MATTER - The International Community Must Act Now!

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Arezo Zoe Safi started this petition to Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and

International human rights groups have long documented violations against Afghan refugees and migrants in Iran, including physical abuse, detention in unsanitary and inhumane conditions, forced payment for transportation and accommodation in deportation camps, slave labor, and the separation of families.

In 2015, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a decree allowing all Afghan children to be allowed an education. But Afghans are still denied basic services, including access to health care, jobs, and housing. Under his leadership, or lack of, 100s of Afghans have been abused, exploited and killed. 

Despite the documented violations - little media attention has been given. Why would there be? It's only Afghans who have died, right? The dispair of Afghans have been ignored and disregarded. This is one race or nationality where the International Community has shown no standard of care towards. 

In December 2018, a viral video appeared to show an Iranian police officer slapping, insulting, and humiliating a group of Afghan migrants. Did anyone care? 

The United Nations estimates the number of Afghan citizens in Iran at just under 1 million. Tehran puts the figure of documented and undocumented Afghan refugees and migrants closer to 3 million.

For decades, Afghans weary of war and poverty have turned to Iran to earn a living. Tehran has expelled many Afghans, who are often blamed for insecurity and unemployment, and periodically threatens those who remain with mass expulsion.

Many other Afghans moved to Iran after the fundamentalist Taliban took power in Afghanistan. After the U.S.-led invasion that followed the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, some Afghans left for Iran in search of jobs, although hundreds of thousands of them returned last year amid a crippling economic crisis in the country.

So far in 2020, it is estimated that some 270,000 Afghans living in Iran have returned home due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit Iran very hard. But as the outbreak has eased in Iran in recent weeks, Afghans have begun returning to Iran...and what happens next? 

Burning Afghans live, while Iranian Soldiers laugh is the new norm. The international community is silent, every nation, every leader is silent. Is it because an Afghans blood is worthless? Do we remain silent and allow more of our people get burnt? 

Please sign this petition and as a true Afghan, raise awareness as to the atrocities. This systematic abuse of the Afghan refugees by the Iranian Government needs to be condemned loud and clear. This incident is way too great for us to ignore and keep quiet. Enough is enough! 

Our Afghans in Iran have tolerated this for long, stand against this cruelty of your brothers and sisters, just like you stand for other nations now is the time to stand for your own.

We will be the voice they do not have.

Share this with all your friends and family.

Kind regards 

Arezo Zoe Safi 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!