Affordable Textbooks Now!

Why am I signing? Because the current state of textbooks in the USA is REPREHENSIBLE.

Stale data, sometimes 5 years or older.

$200 to 'buy', or a third of that just to 'rent'.

eBooks for students DONE WRONG. As in the books expire at the end of the term?

This madness needs to stop. Contrast this with O'Reilly TechPubs that in e- form cost as little as $5-$10, are updated REGULARLY, and have given me more bang for the buck than attending a college class:

Disclosure: I review for ORA and other *real* publishers who *care* about their customers. It's time for TextBook Publishers to COMPETE. Or suffer.


Leo Marihart, Lemoore, CA, United States
10 years ago
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