Mississippi: Affordable Insulin For All

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This world we live in often seem to run off of what they can make the most money off of. The price on a life saving medication has become utterly ridiculously high! Most pharmaceutical company’s target drug abusers because they can make the most off of their terrible decisions and over doses vs. elderly, young, and  poor people. They have to ration the use of their insulin because they can’t afford it until the next month, or whenever they can. Insulin needs to be more affordable, so the death rate will go down, and people can get the help they need. It’s is extremely dangerous for a diabetic to ration their medication or to go to a whole different medicine that is cheaper. Them changing their own insulin due to the fact it is cheaper is extremely dangerous and deadly. There was a news article going around stating, that a young man had passed away. He had no choice but to ration his insulin, and it was unfortunately fatal. If we can change the prices of insulin, we can save lives. Saving lives can be so rewarding. I honestly just hope I can make a change and be a voice for people who need the help. I hope lowering insulin prices will save lives, will help people get the right insulin they need and not have to change to something cheaper. This world has became greedy, and has become cold. This world doesn’t care about you! But I DO!