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Affirm Saint Vincent College as a Safe and Hospitable Community

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To the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and extended families of Saint Vincent College:

During and after the recently concluded national election, many people on all sides were left feeling marginalized, dismissed, maligned, and even attacked. Across our nation, and within our own neighborhoods, the campaign rhetoric has created an environment of uncertainty, fear, and mistrust.  We are particularly troubled by instances in which people have become targets of harassment or intimidation because of their race, color, ethnicity, place of origin, ancestry, religious faith, political belief, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or age.

We, the undersigned members of Saint Vincent College, in the spirit of the mission of our College, and in affirmation of our Catholic identity and Benedictine heritage, reject all such denigration of the sacred humanity of each person. We pledge to each of you that we will resolutely uphold Saint Vincent College as a place of hospitality and hope for all who enter, visit, study and dwell here with us. We stand with all members of our community, regardless of political differences, and renew our dedication to embrace the diversity of Saint Vincent College with welcome and inclusion for all. 

By signing this pledge, we commit ourselves and invite all members of our community to listen, to understand, to offer support, to create safe spaces, and to engage in honest and respectful conversation and dialogue.


(The faculty, students, and alumni listed below wish to share their support publicly and invite many more to consider joining this conversation.)


  • Rev. John Aupperle, Lecturer of Theology and Campus Minister
  • Kathleen Beining, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Elaine Bennett, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

  • Bruce Bethke, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Biology
  • Doreen Blandino, Department Chair and Professor of Modern and Classical Languages
  • Jeremy Boyle, Assistant Professor of Learning, Media, and Design
  • Br. David Carlson O.S.B., Associate Professor of Computing and Information Science
  • Rev. Wulfstan Clough O.S.B., Associate Professor of English
  • Rev. Stephen Concordia O.S.B., Assistant Professor of Music
  • Rev. Bonaventure Curtis O.S.B., Assistant Professor of Business Administration
  • Bettie A. Davis, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Devin Fava, Assistant Professor of Psychological Science
  • Caryl Fish, Department Chair and Integrated Science and Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Daryle Fish, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Matthew A. Fisher, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Paul Follansbee, Professor of Engineering Science
  • Michelle Gil-Montero, Associate Professor of English
  • Richard A. Gosser, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
  • Molly Grace, Lab Manager and Instructor of Biology
  • Steven Gravelle, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Mara Greiner, Admission Counselor and Transfer Coordinator
  • Jessica Harvey, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Communication
  • Sara Hart, Director of Study Abroad
  • Vera Hisker, Adjunct Faculty and Act 101 Professional Tutor
  • Rev. William Hisker, Chair of Business and Professor of Management
  • Tina Phillips Johnson, Associate Professor of History
  • Timothy Kelly, Department Chair and Professor of History
  • Jason King, Department Chair and Professor of Theology
  • Jennifer Koehl, Associate Professor of Biology
  • George Leiner, Acting Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Junlei Li, Rita M. McGinley Chair and Professor of Psychology and Human Development
  • Sara Lindey, Associate Professor of English
  • Br. Elliott Maloney O.S.B., Professor of Saint Vincent Seminary
  • Cynthia J. Martincic, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Computing and Information Science
  • Dennis McDaniel, Department Chair and Associate Professor of English
  • Christopher McMahon, Associate Professor of Theology
  • Fr. Nathan Munsch O.S.B., Assistant Professor of Theology
  • Phyllis Riddle, Department Chair and Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Juan Carlos Rivas, Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • David Safin, Assistant Professor of Communication
  • Anthony Serapiglia, Assistant Professor of Computing and Information Science
  • Susan M. Sommers, Professor of History
  • Eugene V. Torisky Jr., Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Theresa Torisky, Academic Advisor of Opportunity Office
  • Cynthia Walter, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Margaret Watkins, Associate Professor of Philosophy


  • Kaitlin A. Ackinclose, C'20 Biology
  • Kierstin Ackinclose, C'15 Biology
  • James Burlage, C'17 Environmental Science
  • Nathan Bundy, C'12 History
  • Joshua Catalano, C'13 History
  • Anna Coletti, C'19 Mathematics
  • Alexandria Correa, C'13 Sociology
  • Kathrine Curtin, C'17 Chemistry
  • Pamela Curtin, C'14 History
  • Maria Escobar, C’17 Psychological Science & Sociology
  • Christian Estok, C'19 Computing and Information Science
  • Joyelle Gaines, C’18 Psychological Science
  • Rachel Glatt, C'18 English Secondary Education
  • Julia Hlavacik, C’16 Psychological Science
  • Melony Hurlburt, C’17 Education
  • Claire Jackman, C'18 Biology
  • Dante Fauth, C'20 Math and Engineering
  • Bridget Fertal, C'19 English
  • Caitlyn Gess, C'16 Communication
  • Sean Jackson, C'18 Sociology
  • Gina Johnston, C'19 English Secondary Education
  • Virginia Kern, C'20 Psychological Science
  • Kathryn Klawinski, C’16 English
  • Jeffrie Mallory, C'06 Public Policy, G'13 Operational Excellence
  • Margaret Miller, C’17 Psychological Science
  • Michael Mondock, C'20 History
  • Katrina Nemchik, C’17 Computer Science and Philosophy
  • Genna Niemiec, C'18 Marketing
  • Grace Noel, C’20 Bioinformatics
  • Briana Pocratsky, C'13 Sociology
  • Sydney Schoff, C’19 Communication
  • Jessica Seremet, C'20 Computing and Information Science
  • Maura Snyder, C’17 Psychological Science
  • Alexander Sommers, C’14 Computing and Information Science
  • Sophia Sommers, C’20 Computing and Information Science
  • Ashlee Stevens, C'13 Psychology
  • Zachary Tackett, C'13 English
  • Jenna Thomas, C'13 Art History
  • Katherine Torisky, C'19 Management
  • Mallory Truckenmiller, C'19 English/Spanish Secondary Education
  • Kyle Ward, C’19 Psychological Science
  • Matthew J. Whorral, C'05 History
  • Kyanna Williams-Pate, C’17 Biology
  • Nicholas Winter, C'20 Computing & Information Science
  • John Wojtechko, C'18 Communication & English
  • Matthew Wojtechko, C'20 Computing & Information Science
  • Peter Wojtechko Jr., C'15 English & Computer Science
  • Michaela Yonto, C'19 Psychological Science
  • George Zubak, C'20 Biology

 (Note: If you wish to have your name added publicly to the two lists above, please email your name and department [faculty] or your name, class year, and major [students or alumni] to as confirmation.)

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