RATTA Alliance: Revolt Against Turkish Terroristic Affairs

RATTA Alliance: Revolt Against Turkish Terroristic Affairs

October 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

By signing this petition you are expressing your assent towards RATTA Alliance formation: Revolt Against Turkish Terroristic Affairs.

#RATTA #StopErdogan

It’s time to put together our voices! It’s time to show that There Are Millions Of Us who condemn Turkish government’s continuous aggression in the region by bringing terror, war, and conditions in which the interests of only one country dominate.

31 conflicts with 9 countries during the last 10 years, Turkey’s aggressive and terroristic behavior today has reached the limit of its permissiveness. Numerous facts that showcase Turkey’s cooperation with terrorists, including jihadists from Syria and Libya.

Over the past century, Turkey’s various regimes committed a number of crimes against humanity:

  • The genocide - mass murder and expulsion of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians, 900,000 Greeks, and around 700,000 Assyrians in 1915-23.
  • Dersim massacre during 1937-38 when around 70,000 Kurdish population was slaughtered.
  • Organized mob attacks directed primarily at Istanbul's Greek minority on 6–7 September 1955.
  • Since 1974 Turkey has been occupying 40 percent of the territory of Cyprus, while the occupation was accompanied by grave violations of human rights.

Stopping Regional Bully Together

Turkey with its neo-ottoman, pan-Islamic and pan-Turkist dreams and illegal military presence in the neighborhood is behaving like the biggest bully, increasing the threat and risk of an ongoing regional wars. Now we should stand together to avoid Turkish terror.


Sharing land and sea borders with 9 states, Turkey at this moment has strained relations with 5 of them, including illegal military presence in three states.


After many years of confrontation, Turkey again threatens a military solution for Cyprus. Greece has vowed to defend its sovereignty, and the EU has appealed for dialogue.


Turkey has long extended its support to Islamist fighters and even the ISIS, at some point distancing from them to befriend with other terrorist elements in the north of Syria. The conflict resulted in the displacement of over 300,000 people.


Turkey supports Azerbaijan in war with Armenia by supplying jihadists from Syria, air force, other weapons and equipment.


Under the pretext of fighting Kurdish militants, Turkey conducts military intervention with impunity for its political and economic interests.


Turkey’s recent push into Libya and its energy ambitions in Eastern Mediterranean nearly led to armed conflicts with France and Greece.



Turkey has no friend or enemy, it has self-interest and egotistical urge to control the region, weaken neighbors and bringing chaos. 

Turkey oppresses the Kurdish minority inside and outside its territory. Turkey’s government not only denies recognizing the Armenian genocide but seems to be pushing for another massacre of Armenians this time with the hands of its little brother Azerbaijan. Turkey ignores international rules and agreements. Just because WE ARE NOT TOGETHER.



Brothers & sisters from Syria and Russia, from Greece and Armenia, France and Bulgaria, Iran and Romania, Libya and Iraq, from Georgia and Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Free Kurdistan, from Turkey and Azerbaijan.

We may have different cultures and different histories, identities, or cuisine. But we respect each other's right to have a position, interests, history, culture and want prosperity in our Region. 

But this is not what the Turkish state, headed by Erdogan, wants.


This is our first step to show Turkish government and personally Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that we are united, there are millions of us, and we want peace, stability, democracy for the Region.

This is our appeal to our countries’ leaderships to consolidate joint power and fight against Turkish disruptions.

What our goal is:

As such, we are calling on the European Union to take decisive action against the  governments of Turkey represented by  Mr. Erdogan by immediately imposing the following targeted sanctions in compliance with the Charter of the United Nations (UN) Chapter 7 and Articles 75 & 215 of the Treaty of the European Union and   the Treaty on the Functioning of European Union rules and regulations:

1)     Restriction on goods and services: Prohibiting the import of goods originating in Turkey into the European Union and all the neighbouring countries respectively, and any direct or indirect financial assistance related to such goods; prohibiting technical assistance, brokering, construction or engineering services directly relating to the infrastructure in Turkey in the sectors of (1) transport, (2) telecommunications (3) energy and (4) the prospection, exploration and production of oil, gas and mineral resources and restricting assistance to the tourism segments of the economies of Turkey.

2)     Financial restrictions: Banning the creation of joint ventures with entities registered for business in Turkey; prohibiting financing of entities in Turkey; prohibiting the acquisition or extension of real estates in Turkey.

3)     Restrictions on entry (travel ban) and asset freezes for:

Officials working for the Ministry of Internal and External Affairs of Turkey and their immediate families;
Military personnel of Turkey
All members of the Turkish parliaments
All other ministers and those holding public office in Turkey and the heads of regional administrations, districts and cities, including the deputy heads of Executive committees.
4)     Bans on arms exports/sales: prohibit the export and/or the sale of arms and any other weaponry to the Turkey.


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Signatures: 2,300Next Goal: 2,500
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