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De Geergymnasiet, (a Swedish high school) has for some years arranged an annual trip to Kenya with senior dance students. Their goal is to collect money, visit orphanages, and dance with the Kenyans. So they can later on, back home, present their ''work'' and bring back some Kenyans to dance at their dance performance/presentation. This may all sound ''lovely'' to some, but this project is far from that. What this project really does is to contribute to the traumatisation of the orphaned children; by as a foreigner sweet talking them, only to leave them right after. It's dehumanising the way they safari around in the slums, taking pictures without consent. Their cause is to educate the Kenyans on human rights - for exemple women’s rights- to then teach one another dancing. Many of the students travel to Kenya with the approach they’re “spreading knowledge” to the Kenyans. For two whole weeks they stay in Kenya, but they operate the aforementioned for one week, the second week they tourist around.

During or after the trip, the students post pictures of underaged children on their social media (as seen above). The pictures are paired with words that paint them as ''heroes'' and ‘’saviours'', simply for fabricating time with the children, and they usually return home with ''exotic braids'' in their hair. The entire trip is a slum-safari for white teens witnessing the ''horrible lives of black poor people''. The main problem is the disgusting racist behaviour of these privileged teens - whether it is intentionally or not - and the school that allows this to go on.

This white saviour trip must end! We're putting pressure on the high school to END the project and reflect upon all the damage they caused.

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