Tell Aetna to cover preventative care for hard working New Yorkers.

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For 25 years, Dr. Perry Frankel has served over thousands patients who are covered by Aetna, one of the nation's leading diversified health care benefits companies, without any complaints or incidents. Currently, Dr. Frankel has 2,300 New Yorkers who depend on Aetna for their medical coverage.

Now, their care is in danger.

Dr. Frankel was contacted by Aetna and told not to provide or advertise his preventative testing services to Aetna members across the city and threatened to remove him from their network.

Aetna has chosen profit over care by denying coverage for preventative services for hard working New Yorkers. They've decided that preventative care is not a profitable model. For an insurance company, catastrophic care is where the real money comes from, once their members are already sick.

For example:

  • A heart attack can cost someone ~$1 million. The cost of a stress echocardiogram to test for risk factors is only $200.
  • The lifetime cost of a stroke is ~$103,576. Dr. Frankel can provide a carotid ultrasound for $150 to test for risk factors.

Aetna's behavior is unethical, but it's also a direct violation of public policy to retaliate against or terminate a physician's contract for advocating medically appropriate care options.

Aetna needs to know that people won't stand by while they put profits over the health of their members.