Continuity of Coverage for 30,000 Texas Women

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Aetna has chosen to put profit over people by unilaterally deciding to drop Unified Women’s Healthcare of Texas from their network coverage effective August 15, 2019. In deciding to cut these 160 OB-GYN healthcare providers, Aetna is endangering 30,000 women across Texas of all socioeconomic status to access to care for not only pre- and postnatal care, but cancer screenings, treatment for infections, birth control decisions, surgical procedures, and more.

The state of Texas according to the Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force has an alarming maternal mortality rate of 14.6 per 100,000 live births, for African American women living in Texas the maternal mortality rate is even more concerning. While their letter to those affected stated “If you’re receiving care with this healthcare provider, you may be able to continue your care and get services covered after the end date”, research shows that the length of postpartum care available to new mothers is not adequate to help decrease these mortality rates. In cutting Unified Women’s Healthcare of Texas, Aetna is contributing to this problem as these new mothers will now have the added stress of being forced to end a trusted relationship with their provider in addition to caring for their newly born child(ren).

For many women, the only healthcare provider they see is their OB-GYN because of the trust they have built with their provider. This decision impacts 30,000 women across the state of Texas who rely on the 160 OB-GYN healthcare providers affiliated with Unified Women’s Healthcare of Texas to provide them with care. People are mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, aunts, nieces, our friends, and our loved ones. People are not profit points.

Our Ask:

-We ask Aetna to continue contract negotiations with Unified Women's Healthcare of Texas.

-We ask Aetna to reconsider Unified Women's Healthcare of Texas cost saving proposal.

-We ask for continuity of coverage  and the ability to continue trusted relationships formed and built up over the years with our OB-GYN.