Petition Closed

Aetna is considering eliminating coverage for an important treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome.

Letter to
Head of Formulary Development Mr. Michael Brodeur, RPh, MBA
National Medical Director, Pharmacy Policy and Strategy Mr. Edmund Pezalla, M.D.
Aetna, Senior VP, Chief Medical Officer Mr. Lonny Reisman, M.D.
and 1 other
Aetna, Chief of Staff to the Chief Medical Officer Ira Klein
Continue to provide coverage for the drug Acthar.

Dear Aetna and Dr. Reisman,

The NephCure Foundation has brought to my attention that, as early as this month, your company may eliminate insurance coverage for the drug Acthar, an important treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome. I implore you to reconsider your position because it would affect negatively patients suffering from these horrible diseases.

By restricting or eliminating coverage, your company would exacerbate the quality of life of thousands of real people with real families that rely on Acthar for treatment. In certain circumstances, access to Acthar could cost a patient $60,000 per month. That amount is a cost-prohibitive amount for any family, regardless of the state of our economy.

Dr. Reisman, Acthar is an important treatment for certain rare types of Nephrotic Syndrome. I ask that your company and other insurance companies continue to provide patients with access to Acthar and any drug used to treat Nephrotic Syndrome, FSGS and other rare diseases.