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Approve my infusion, established infusion medication, and services

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I have CVID (Common Variable Immunodeficiency), a condition which limits my ability to fight off infection and even promotes the growth of some cancers if not managed. I have been receiving infusions through an established infusion medication, for almost a year. I have been an Aetna member since June 2017. They have denied all requests and changes to my requests made by my Immunologist and previous specialty pharmacy. There is no one advocating on my behalf.  Before I began infusions, I was sick all the time :( The fall and winter before I began infusions, I had 11 bronchial infections, 3 ear infections, and even contracted mono because I am not able to fight off infection. 

Once my infusions began and the medication was titered to the appropriate dose, I have greatly improved; only requiring antibiotics twice and steroids once at the beginning of my treatments.

Aetna deemed my treatments "not medically necessary", Since September 1st, I have already been on antibiotics 3 times and steroids once. I will give Aetna credit for that the fact that this is not life threatening like cancer. BUT, it IS life threatening -- eventually something as simple as the common cold or pneumonia will kill me.  My immunologist has changed my authorizations several times, trying to get me some form of treatment.  These infusions are expensive and I know that, but I pay more than $600 a month for insurance and I have a $10,000 deductible -- I'm not asking for a hand out. I am asking for the opportunity to live.  I am asking to live for my three daughters, my family, my friends -- all who watch me struggle and slowly I am dying before their eyes.  This has impacted my quality of life in a devastating way.  I am an RN, I can barely get out of bed to get to work. Without my infusions, I cannot enjoy time with my children. I either cannot perform simple household tasks or cannot finish them. I am exhausted. My joints are excruciatingly painful. I am nauseous. I cannot breathe well. But mostly, I am sick of being sick!!!  Please help me get my point across to Aetna. Sign and share this petition 

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