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Aerosoft GmbH: We would like you to create a payware expansion pack for your stunning Twin Otter Extended!

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We think the Twin Otter Extended by Aerosoft is definitely a great add-on for FSX and Prepar3D, but as it is one of the most popular bush aircrafts, there are of course lots of different versions. We understand Aerosoft simply can't develop all the models for an add-on prize of 30€ (excluding VAT) because it would not be profitable. But we think it would be great if they would do a expansion pack priced between 10€ and 15€ with the following features:

Twin Otter 100 Tundra model
Twin Otter 100 Skis model
Twin Otter 100 Amphibian model
Retractable skis for the Twin Otter 300 Ski/Wheel version
Skydiving interior (just remove the cargo in the cargo interior and add a skydive grill - can be rolled up)
High powered Twin Otter 100 model

If the budget allows it, an old school cockpit with old radio gauges and a small GPS (like this one featured in the Bronco) for the Twin Otter 100 would be nice of course since there are only very few Twin Otter 100 aircrafts with the new cockpit. And we wouldn't mind a Ski/Wheel DHC-6-100 if the skis are retractable

Please do only sign this petition if you are 100% sure you will buy the Expansion Pack once it's released (if Aerosoft will do it). It must not be a day 1 purchase, but there isn't a benefit for both us and Aerosoft if 1000 persons sign and only the half will buy it.

And Aerosoft, please do not wait too long if you want to do this package. We're intested in it now but we probably won't one year later.

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