Make Shaiya Great Again

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After shaiya OS has changed too much with ep6 and above me and many other people tried tons of private servers to relive the good old shaiya that episode 4.5 offered. After playing multiple private servers for years and after meeting a lot of people who are feeling the same as I am I thought of creating a petition to make shaiya great again.

In the past 5 years a lot of private servers showed up and some of them came pretty close to the OS version of shaiya from 2008/9 sadly most developers couldnt hold their servers for more than a couple months. By creating a new shaiya server EP 4.5 you guys would help the shaiya community a lot. I think that many players would give shaiya another try and come back to this awesome game it once was.

So I am, no, WE are asking you to create an EP 4.5 shaiya server just like it was back in the days, maybe implement some minor changes to make the gameplay feel a bit better but not much, keep it original. I can tell you that alot of people would come back to shaiya and you would make quite some good amount of money out of it. If some random private servers manage to have 600+ people online at a time and being more successful than the current shaiya EP8 why dont you give it a try?