Bring Back Astrofest for 2022

Bring Back Astrofest for 2022

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Started by Jhon Doe

What Happened at Astrofest 2021 was a tragedy. People Lost loved ones and some people have been left traumatized, what happened that night was never meant to happen. It was a time to just forget about the real world and just enjoy life with music.
Travis Scott deserves a 2nd chance just like everyone else in life, Travis knows that whatever happened that night wasn’t supposed to happen. He is a human being with feelings, and we should treat him with the respect he deserves.
I’ve been a long time Fan of Music since I was a little kid and Festivals are a way to escape reality and just be myself, and with Astrofest being bashed because of poor management by Live Nation I feel like that shouldn’t be a reason to End the festival for future dates. I’ve been to the past 3 years and let me just say it’s very different from others because of the “Theme Park” Theme and I live for it.
I Feel like Astrofest should be put under different management for the next festival so everyone that goes can have a safe & good time.
Live Nation are the ones at fault and they will pay for what happened that night. They planned everything so horribly that other event organizers called it a death trap because of how the Main Stage was designed, the way the barricades were set up wasn’t safe at all because there was no way out other than the way you came in.

14 have signed. Let’s get to 25!