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Advocates For Nursing Home Residents and Their Families

The RI Alliance for Better Long Term Care is in reality, a hand picked organization, set up by the for profit CEO's and doctors that own shares, and run their network of nursing homes in the State of RI. They market themselves as advocates for the elderly, but are anything but! They operate with no transparency, refuse to comply with state mandated laws, and abuse, bully, and intimidate families when valid concerns are brought to their attention. We lost our mother in 2001, and were labled a "problem family". We had to retain an attorney within the first 2 weeks of her being admitted to Elmhurst Extended Care in Providence, just to keep her personal cleanliness in check! Several life threatening injuries were caused to her by staff, for which we got no answers. Ultimately, we were subject to intimidation by the Administrator, Hugh Hall, and the then, now late,  RIABLTC head, Roberta Hawkins. Our mother was allowed to bleed to death, due to an undetected gastric bleed, over the course of three months!! She was rushed to the ER for an emergency blood transfusion, and got what we believe to be the wrong blood type. I have told this story to no less than 6 head RN's where I've worked as an Activities Director in 3 nursing facilities, and they are all in independent agreement.  Clearly due to an error on her medical chart at the nursing home.  OR, was it an error?????????

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