Advocate / singlepayer healthcare, Community Choice Act; HR 676 & S 703

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"What do the Democrats holding town hall meetings and the mobs trying to disrupt the meetings have in common?  No matter which side wins, millions of Americans will still go without coverage, hundreds of thousands will go into financial ruin over health care costs, and insurance CEOs will laugh their way to the bank.  Don't be fooled by the Obamacare plan for 'mandates' and promises of a 'public option', which mean continued skyrocketing health care costs and huge taxpayer-funded subsidies to insurance companies.  The only real solution to the health care crisis is the single-payer plan, which covers every American regardless of income, age, or prior medical condition.  Under single-payer, physicians and patients make decisions about medical care, not government or corporate bureaucracies, and everyone can choose his or her own health care provider.  As GAO and Congressional Budget Office studies have shown in the past, single-payer will save billions in health care spending, because it eliminates the administrative costs, waste, and high CEO salaries of for-profit health insurance."


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