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To stop making aadhar card mandatory for everything as it is a very sensitive information

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Aadhar card basically can be basically misused as it gives the absolute right to the government and government officials to access and manipulate one's personal data. Even if I assume that the government and government officials may not misuse the power that is they are not corrupt if this data is accessed  by hackers, they may sell it international terrorist organizations or people on the deep dark web leading to mass Mayhem among the people.Also, it is very becoming very easy to 3D print fingerprints Aadhar card scans in the form of lenses making it very easy for anyone to impersonate any normal Indian citizen.There have been sites like the Silk Road and Silk Road 2 where in the past fake IDs were sold these fake ID were way up to the mark that even the concerned bodies which examined these IDs could not tell if they were fake. It took years for Agencies like the FBI and CIA to close this site. One could even hire assassins,  Hitmans on this site.Child p*********** that is,  children were sold on this website. 

This site has been closed two times till now; at the moment the third generation of this site 'silk road 3.0' is online.But, on the deep dark web there are many more such sites. 

Already Aadhaar data of 13 crore Indian citizens has been leaked along with the bank details of these 13 crore Indians. 

Also its me it makes it very easy to fabricate fake information about a person or an individual. Consider the following scenario in which a person who is at an intermediate government post wishes to disclose nationwide scam; that is, he wishes to become a whistle blower. 

In such a scam since he and at most one or two other people would be honest,  that is not involved in the nationwide a scam it would become very easy for the corrupt officials to frame the two honest officials in cases making them anti-nationals giving the government just reason to throw them in jail or worse kill them as traitors.A step further to easily facilitate this is by making aadhar card mandatory for even mobile numbers.As most of the phones are nowadays connected to the Internet the information on the mobile which is a mini-computer can easily be remotely accessed and/or monitored. The same thing was done by the USA agency 'NSA'  by implanting a bug in web browsers like Firefox.   

By the time the truth will be out the damage to our nation will already be done. 

One should not forget that the constitution clearly states that it is given by the people to the people for the people. 

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