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Support an effort to enact a Civil Union Act in Michigan!

The current conservative dominated administration in MI is arming itself to effectively make it the least gay friendly state in the US, using budget cuts to attempt to eliminate benefits and rights for same sex couples.  It is time to advocate for a Civil Union Act. Gay Marriage will not happen until it is forced on this conservative administration by national legal action. A Civil Union Act as adopted in New Jersey in 2007 is a far more reasonable goal currently. Get your Senators and Representatives to afford Michigan same sex couples equal rights!

See the NJ Act online at:


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I am a college professor in Michigan and am proud to be a part of one of the most dynamic and respected state universities in the country. I have been a proud Michigander for 8 years. Prior to moving to Michigan, my partner and I lived in NY and were able to have many of the rights afforded to married couples as "Domestic Partners" even without being legally married in NY.

Now in Michigan, not only is there no reasonable hope of gay marriage being achieved in the near future, there is no legal recognition of same sex relationships of any kind. And with the current conservative administration using the fiscal crisis and budget cuts as a cover, they are beginning a steady erosion of what limited rights lbgt Michiganders have achieved.

I would certainly prefer to be legally married to my partner of over 12 years, but short of that I would like to know that our insurance and other legal issues not be at the whim of the conservative agenda currently in Lansing. We need legal recognition of Civil Unions in Michigan.

The Civil Union Act approved in New Jersey in 2006 is far from perfect, but it is a direction that is far more likely to gain traction in Michigan. Please lobby the state house, senate and Governor's office to sponsor a similar bill and afford same sex relationships rights and respect.

Jay Berkow

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