Death of Journalist S V Pradeep - Mother Wants CBI Investigation

Death of Journalist S V Pradeep - Mother Wants CBI Investigation

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Director General of Police, Kerala (Petition for transferring Investigation to CBI- SV Pradeep Death Case)

Why this petition matters

Started by Keerthi Solomon

Petitioner: Vasandakumari.R, M/o S.V.Pradeep, aged 74 years, Govinda Bhavan, Pallichal.P.O, Thiruvananthapuram.

On 14/12/2020, my son SV Pradeep , a smart journalist of Kerala was killed by a mini lorry in mysterious circumstance while he was travelling from his office to home by his two wheeler vehicle. Thereafter based on CCTV images,  Police registered crime as per section 302 of Indian Penal Code . But it is informed now that kerala police is  trying to dispose the case as an accident case and they deleted section 302 of IPC and added section 304 inorder to save the real accussed persons. My son was facing serious life threats from different corners for many years.When he was working as journalist in Mangalam News Channel , he was trapped in a conspiracy case for telecasting Honey  Trap Case of Minister Saseendran and the minister was compelled to resign from ministry.Thereafter my son was arrested by police along with other journalists  and he lost his job.Thereafter he joined in online news channels and   filed case against  Minister  Saseendran before the honourable High Court of Kerala. Due to his criticism towards present Ministry & present ruling party , he got life threat calls and messages from many corners including political goons .But Kerala police is not trying to investigate about those threats .I am a senior citizen and a retired teacher.I want justice.Now I lost faith in Kerala Government and Kerala Police.So Kerala Government and Police Department should take necessary steps to transfer investigation of the death case of  my Son(SV Pradeep)  to CBI because of the grounds mentioned  below:- 

1.Pradeep' family  believe that his death is not due to accident but it is a  well planned murder implemented through goons by Communist Party . Because Pradeep was a critic of present Government and Communist Party because of their relation with Drugs/ Real Estate and Gold Smuggling Mafias and corruption of 300 crores by Janadadal. So his family lost faith in Kerala Govt & Police.

2.His family believes that police is influenced by Present Government and Communist Party. Because Investigation by Kerala Police is not proper and Police altered FIR next day itself ie, on 15/12/2021  and changed section 302 and added section 304 very hurriedly before getting scientific test reports and forensic report regarding CCTV Images .

3. The people who were present near to the place of incident at that time expressed doubts after seeing the position of the body of Pradeep with vehicle. But Police was not ready to take the statement from those witnesses who were there at the time of incident.

4. Pradeep's body was found out at one place and police marked in another place.

5.Police has not checked cloud phone system and GPS and details  of other vehicles at the time of incident ( especially two motorbikes which were riding in the left side  of Pradeep). Moreover Police did not recover the CCTV images from a shop (SS fruits) near to the place of  incident and did not send it for forensic examination. 

6.Police did not check mobile phone details of victim and accused person before or after altering the FIR. When SV Pradeep  Action Council informed the  public through press meeting  regarding the improper investigation of police on 9/1/2021, next day ie, on 10/1/2021 police came to Pradeep's home and taken his mobile phone from his wife for scientific examination.There is undue delay on the part of police to check his phone details.

6.Police was not ready to investigate about the threat calls and messages through social media and phone received by Pradeep from present ruling party goons even if his mother,sister and wife requested to police at the initial stage of investigation itself.

7. He had filed a case before High Court against present minister regarding CBI Investigation of  'Honey Trap Case' which was withdrawn by advocate one month before his death without informing him and his co petitioner M.B.Santhosh. There was compulsion and threat from party goons  and money offering through advocate to withdraw that case .


11,004 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!