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Stop discriminating agaist Ads aimed at the male market

This is important as advertising standards authority for Ireland have being discriminating against men by banning ads aimed at the male market (hunky dorys, Ryanair). However we can understand that women may find this unfair there are ads aimed at the female market (minstreals,done deal) which protrays men as buyable items which can be bought and sold at will (we understand they do not mean it offensive towards men but neither does hunky dorys or Ryanair so we say all ads should be unbanned a fair and equal treatment for all. Why do we not campaign for all ads to be banned? the answer is simple racy and violent ads sell products but we dont want violent ads sending out the wrong message so racy ads are the better option.
Equality for all,
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MRA(Mens rights Alliance)

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  • Ferry House, 48 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2
    Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland

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