Bring Back The Tampax And Tea Ad!

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Today, it was announced that Irish TV will no longer be airing the "Tampax And Tea" advert due to 84 complaints to the ASAI . The ASAI found no actual wrongness in the ad. They merely took it off air because of 84 people's sensitivities out of a nation of millions of people. Half of the population of this country menstruate and banning an ad for menstrual hygiene products is absolutely disgraceful in 2020. Archbishop McQuaid banned the use of tampons in Ireland in 1944 and it was wrong then and it's wrong to ban their advertising today, 76 years later. We need to come out of the Dark Ages and acknowledge that people menstruate, it's a perfectly natural human function. And an advert promoting safe and healthy use of tampons is a good thing for Irish people who menstruate. 84 people do not speak for our nation and do not speak to any kind of democracy. The advert does what advertising is supposed to do. It gets people talking about the product and its correct uses. We're still struggling with sex education here so if that advert helped even one person having their period who may not have had "the talk" with their parents for any reason, it's done its work. Knowing how our bodies work shouldn't be subject to censorship in 2020. So please, see sense and bring back the Tampax And Tea ad.