Stop Selling Brides as Products

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India is a Patriarchal Society. Dowry, Domestic Violence, Bride Burning are very common cases in India as compared to the West. Given the present Marriage scenario, demanding that a woman must work like a maid and look like a princess a sad  reality. 

But This website, just broke all the bars, when they promised to deliver a custom made bride !!! The website claims that they can help you select the best bride just like the way you shop on Amazon. I am surprised that they have listed brides as products under the following categories namely:

1. 5 Star Ettiquete

2. Black Beauty

3. Low Maintainence

4. Gharelu

5. Sanskari

6. Wonder Chef

Well, if they could use the modern technology for match making, why didn't they update their regressive mentality before. 

Ón one hand we talk about Women Empowerment and on the other hand we allow such websites to survive. The promoters of the website should be put  behind the bars and the website needs to be removed immediately.

Such websites only promote inequality.