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Stand up to the Chronicle Journal!

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To Advertisers and Stakeholders with the Chronicle Journal,

On August 9th, the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the Chronicle Journal made the choice to print an incredibly anti-Indigenous opinion piece by Brian Giesbrecht (“System that rewards status Indians is spectacularly unfair”). Filled with false claims and rhetoric, this piece was clearly intended to build resentment towards Indigenous peoples and to disrespectfully equate their treaty rights with what Giesbrecht calls an "unfair gravy train”.  

Recently, in Thunder Bay, the ongoing crisis of violent colonialism has become very painfully visible for all of us to see. In this context, publishing this piece goes well beyond issues of free speech and bad taste. This choice directly impacts on the safety of the young Indigenous students who will soon leave their homes to come to this city this fall, knowing how so many of those who came before them ended their journey here in tragedy.

When examining the decisions made by the Chronicle Journal, they are sadly only decipherable in the context of a business model. This paper has a well documented pattern of profiting from the increased attention, traffic and controversy that publishing similar anti-Indigenous, racist, anti-LGBTQ2S pieces has brought them. Choices like this have become smart business for them and that has to stop.

As people, organizations, and businesses operating within the Robinson Superior Treaty, we are no longer willing to tolerate this behaviour and these types of business practices. The negative effects that this publisher’s choices have had on our friends, our relatives, our clients, our customers, and our community at large, in the name of “free speech”, is unacceptable. It makes this city less safe, less liveable and less open for business. It is out of dedication to making this community a positive and safe place for everyone to live, work, and play that we request that you please take the following action:

  • Reconsider any relationships - business or otherwise - that you may have with the Chronicle Journal. Please reference this letter and be vocal with them about why you are doing so.
  • Announce publicly your decision to withdraw from your relationship with the Chronicle Journal and be vocal about why.
  • Consider choosing one of the other media outlets in town to promote your product, service or event.
  • Encourage other advertisers and stakeholders to take a similar stand against this sort of behaviour in our community.

Thank you for your support and attention to this matter. We will be watching closely, and celebrating with those who choose to join us by coming forward and openly reconsidering their relationship with the Chronicle Journal. Together we can make sure that our community is never a safe place to profit from other people’s pain.

Thank You. 

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