Adventures With Purpose Should Be Paid the $75,000 Reward for “Recovering” Missing Teen

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Adventures With Purpose Should Be Paid the $75,000 Reward for “Recovering” Missing Teen

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On August 7, 2022, a GoFundme campaign was started, with the consent of the beneficiary, Lindsey Nieman, to raise funds to offer a reward for any information that leads to finding, the then missing daughter of the GoFundme beneficiary named above.

The $75,000 reward was offered and was advertised on the official website, it was given to numerous media outlets, it was printed on fliers, banners and other means of advertisement. 

After several failed attempts by multiple dive teams and law enforcement agencies, the search efforts ceased and the missing teen was not found.  

After much public outcry for help to find the missing teen, an independent, volunteer dive team, offering services at no charge to families, (Adventures with Purpose) travelled to last known location and located the missing teen inside of a car, under water. 

Adventures with Purpose diver, Nick Rinn, located the missing teen on August 21, 2022.

The wording on the GoFundme campaign was abruptly edited from “Help find “the missing teen” -bring home “the missing teen” to “Support for the family of “the missing teen” and the GoFundme campaign was ended with a final total balance of $63,272.00. 

It was known to the family and local law enforcement that the dive team was going to be searching for the missing teen. 

As of this date at time, 4:42pm est. on September 28, 2022, the last statement from Doug Bishop from AWP commented in writing “we did not receive any reward on this case from the go fund me”.

AWP “found “the missing teen”- and brought “the missing teen” home”. This quote was just one of the stated purposes on the GoFundMe campaign. 

The reward of $75,000 should be paid, even if there was not a fundraiser. It was advertised. 

This petition is NOT being created by any request made by AWP.  They have been and are currently willing to accept any reward that is presented to them. 

This petition was created on behalf of everyone that supports the AWP movement and for those that donated their personal money to the GoFundme reward fund. 

For proof of the claims made above, visit “Squirrel Girl Crime Talk” on YouTube. 

Note from Squirrel Girl:  A personal thank to all of you that are part of the True Crime Community on YouTube and all Social Media.  I appreciate all of the help in researching and for the encouragement to DO SOMETHING.  

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This petition had 7,962 supporters

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