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Petitioning Founder & President, Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp. Ryuji Ishii and 1 other

Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp.: Reduce unnecessary plastic in sushi provided to supermarkets nationwide.

Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp (AFC) is the largest supplier of fresh sushi to supermarkets nationwide. AFC includes a green plastic fake "leaf" for decoration in virtually every one of its sushi packages.

Meanwhile, plastic garbage is accumulating in huge gyres in our oceans. The plastic breaks into tiny pieces that fish eat. Thus, when we eat the fish (e.g., sushi), we are eating this plastic!

Please join in telling AFC that they can save money by no longer including in our sushi these plastic "leafs" which we do not want anyway.

Letter to
Founder & President, Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp. Ryuji Ishii
Founder & President, Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp. Ryuji Ishii
Please stop using plastic baran in our sushi packages. Our oceans are filling with plastic. Fish are eating this plastic. We are eating fish and thus plastic. We do not need this decorative baran. Please save yourself money, improve our environment and our health. We don't want these plastic baran decorations.
Thank you!