Advance And Create A 21st Century Constitution

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When the US Constitution was created over 200 years ago, this document and the Declaration of Independence were inspired and admirable emancipation and aspirations of people and communities to advance well being and the common and greater good. These documents, in particularly the US Constitution as law of the land, has served the people and nation well. However, the Constitution has also been manipulated, abused and corrupted by the majority, social influential and or those in power to marginalize, exploit and abuse the minorities, poor and vulnerable for over 2 centuries through interpretation, adaptation and establishment of laws that would benefit, favor and or protective of the majority, social influential and political dominance all the while disfranchised or even victimized the minorities or vulnerable.

The 1st Amendment used to be covered for the majority to oppress the minorities and vulnerable people or communities through acts such as freedom of religious persecution, discrimination, lynching, verbal and physical attacks. The 2nd Amendment were more intended for slaves and minorities control, exploitation, oppression and to safeguard against slaves revolts rather than fear of foreign invasion or conflict and which is a scourge on society through losses of many ten of thousands lives and injuries each year. Voting rights were not possible for female until early 1920’s and certain minority communities until 1960’s. And therefore, to achieve just and inclusive, social equity and equality, inclusiveness and diversity, and well governed societies; the Constitution must not be left to the whim of interpretation and translation, political polarization, abuse of power and corrupted governance. Centuries of systematic oppression and institutionalized discrimination, marginalization and abuse are still very much reflected in the culture of fear, indignity and sufferings of minorities (across such as race, ethnics, religion or non religion, belief, gender, sexual oriented and culture), poor and vulnerable. 

Past centuries and millenniums have been about borders, protectionism, conflicts, wars, militarism, imperialism, colonialism, exploitation and oppression among communities and nations. The 21st century onward must be about liberation, freedom, democracy, communities and nations building, global integration and borderless societies, sustainable development and living, protecting and caring for sentient common habitat, quality life and well being, and advancing the common and greater good.

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