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Adults with Physical and Intellectual Disabilities Need Access to Swimming

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Recently we were told by a South Australian Day Options provider that swimming and hydrotherapy would no longer be made available to their physically and/or intellectually disabled clients. This petition is designed to get this organization to reconsider their stance.

I do understand that a few logistical issues may be preventing its inclusion, including: insurance, safety, staffing etc. but I would think these issues could be overcome with further injections of funds. It is my belief that clients should also have the option to pay extra for this service if they wish to, many would most certainly be willing to do so and it is unclear why this option is not available.

Some of the benefits of hydro activities include:

  • It can sometimes be the only physical activity they can participate in effectively.
  • Hydro activities allow much needed opportunity for free movement
  • Quoting a caregiver "Some clients come alive in the water"
  • Quoting a caregiver "Some clients wait all week for their one opportunity to get into the water" It's a very popular activity among clients
  • It's a fun activity
  • You use muscles you may not otherwise use out of the water

Jarod (pictured) and those with disabilities really do deserve better.

I have not disclosed the organization but will do so in the future if I believe it will assist in the final goal. Please share this with your friends and family. Together we can make a difference.

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