Project Vaccination: Say No to Covid & Save Lives!

Project Vaccination: Say No to Covid & Save Lives!

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Cases of Covid-19 in the Philippines have stagnated but are once more rapidly spreading. Since its onset in January 2020, it had reached what was once the highest confirmed cases of 144,991 on September 6, 2021. The rollout of the vaccine across the country dwindled the infection rate, helping our country reach the lowest confirmed case of 833 on December 20, 2021. Due to the complacency and lack of discipline displayed by most of us, Omicron, another variant of Covid, was put to life, leading to a sudden surge of Covid patients. The unforeseen virus was a result of our lax Covid mitigating measures, resulting in the lockdown of barangays and the metropolis once again.

Currently, cases in NCR reached their highest peak, they grew from 45% from two years ago to 63% as of January 2, 2022. The Omicron virus may not be as deadly compared to the Delta variant, but it mutates and can be transmitted to others very fast. What is more alarming is that the Omicron virus can infect even those who are vaccinated easily. 

Given this, vaccines played a vital role in our battle against this dreaded virus. It is highly encouraged that each of us, especially those exposed like the frontliners, should avail of the vaccination. By doing so, we not only protect ourselves but for others as well. While the state recognizes the rights of the people on whether to get vaccinated or not, we encourage our fellow Filipinos to get protected from the virus and acquire the medical benefits of the vaccine. Getting vaccinated preserves our own life; similarly, it protects our community as a whole.

Signing this petition helps our team spread knowledge and awareness as well as a deeper understanding regarding the vaccines against the virus and their efficacy in mitigating the ongoing and future possible cases.

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Here are some of the sources and references we used for the information in our platforms, feel free to click the links and get more information about covid cases and covid vaccines.


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7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!
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