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Cancel the Sitcom "Black Jesus"

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:



It has been brought to our attention that Adult Swim, a cable television network that shares airtime with Cartoon Network through the Turner Broadcasting System from the hours 7pm CST to 5am CST, will be airing a new television sitcom entitled “Black Jesus” scheduled to premiere August 7, 2014 at 10pm CST.


After viewing the trailer that has been posted on various social media sites, we, the OneVoice Clergy Network of Shreveport, LA are standing in effort to to make known our displeasure with this poor and degrading depiction of such an important figure to, not only the Christian church, but God’s creation as a whole.  As licensed and ordained ministers of the Holy Bible who work hand in hand with our communities on a daily basis, we would also like to express how such a sitcom will have damaging affects on the communities in which we serve.


The Holy Bible offers proven and effective principles towards the development of productive and successful communities.  While there are many who have concluded that the principles of the bible are archaic and outdated, it does not change the fact that they are proven and effective.  The reality of community as we know it today was birthed through biblical principles.


History has shown that whenever cultures and communities choose to reject the principles of the bible, they open themselves up to adverse outcomes that carry a domino effect.  These are problems that may not surface immediately.  However, they will surface eventually.  We have seen what adultery can contribute to the breakdown of the family unit.  We have seen what murder and abuse can do to a community. 



We must remember that all of these principles such as forbidding adultery and murder find their root in the pages of the Holy Bible. So, though our bible may be archaic from the perspective of its composition and arrangement of material, we can evidently see that it is not archaic as it relates to the truth it contains. Truth is timeless. 


As Christian believers in the Holy Bible, we believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, embodied, expressed and exemplified the principles of the Holy Bible to Gods creation.  His life’s purpose was dedicated to properly showing humanity how God wants us to live, and that purpose was fulfilled.  This means that to accept Jesus is to also accept the biblical principles he exemplified as truth. Therefore, to reject Jesus is to reject those same biblical principles, and as I stated earlier the rejection of biblical principle has proven to be the first step in social demise.  This show, “Black Jesus,” promotes as well as finds humor in the rejection of Jesus Christ and the biblical principles he promoted through his life.


Though we do not believe that the aforementioned effects are the intentions of the shows creators and producers, as ministers of the Holy Bible and servants of our communities we must inform you that it will indeed be the outcome.  


We are asking for the support of our government officials and community leaders to assist us in ensuring that our communities do not experience what, based on our knowledge, will be negative outcomes if this sitcom is allowed to air.  


If, in fact, this show is allowed to air, we, the OneVoice Clergy Network, our churches, parishioners, and supporters will NOT view any programs broadcasted by Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting System, or any of affiliates so long as the show remains on the air.  Our prayer is that you will come into agreement with us and do the same for the betterment of our communities.






God bless,




Pastor Brandon Keith Lacey, Sr.  

OneVoice Clergy Network/President


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