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Help and Protect Rosetta Burkett from reapeted rape and abuse

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Because Rosetta Burkett is both Mentally and Physacally Handicapped and therefore unable to make sound decisions concerning whats good and healthy for her and her unborn child. She is currently walking the the streets addicted to drugs a known prostitite receiving a SSI check that is being taken and spent by her brother, her former home condemned and borded up so she is at this time homeless. I employ APS to act on Rosetta Burketts behaft to help her to place her in a forced rehab facility since she is incapable of making these desicions herself. Then helping her with either a group home setting or placing her some where she will not return to the streets of prostitution to be continually raped abused and impregnated while being fed drugs. She doesn't have the mental copacity to say no. While she may appear stubborn and uncooperative she is fighting for the survival of the only lifestyle she has ever known. With the mind of a child help has to be given to her wanted or not Social Security has already deemed her mentally disabled therefore she has to be treated as such and not treated with rights as an adult but treated and protected as a child. Therefore as a society APS must do what is best for her and her unborn child not what she wants, she is incapable of making those decisions. Thank you.

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