Allow Dogs on the Brisbane CityCat and Ferry Services on a lead.

Allow Dogs on the Brisbane CityCat and Ferry Services on a lead.

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I am reviving the Petition posted by Kylie Hale 4 years ago to lobby the Brisbane City Council to allow responsible pet owners to take their Dog etc. on to the Citycat & Ferry vessels. As Kylie posted at the time:

"Walking my dogs around the same area every day gets boring, the ability to jump on a ferry and go to a different destination would be great, the number of pets living in city apartments is growing and the BCC needs to change with the times."

The same still rings true today with the notable exception that the number of residential unit dwellers with pets has increased dramatically in the last 4 years. The CBD, Newstead, Southbank & West End areas in particular, would benefit from being able to cross the Brisbane River with their pet via a Ferry rather than use their vehicle.

Allowing pets on public transport is the norm in almost every other country in the world and works very well. I believe Brisbane City Council should move with the times and at least run a trial period to determine if this can be adopted full time.

Please support this cause to make a real change for the benefit of everyone and sign the petition. Adrian Schrinner has helped us in the past so we are confident we will be given a fair hearing.