Put BC on Lockdown before it's too late! Stop the spread of COVID-19

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Dear Minister Dix,

Thank you for your hard work during this unprecedented time that we all face.

I will get directly to my point as I know you are extremely busy. When will our provincial government put more extreme measures in place and order people to stay home?

We have all seen the social media posts of people ignoring our provincial and federal governments strong recommended and call for civic duty to stay home. It is incredibly apparent that this is not good enough and an order is needed.

Additionally, there are many ‘confusing‘ messages being given to people. While I appreciate the daily press conferences that Prime Minister Trudeau, Dr. Bonnie Henry and yourself have been providing, it is not enough to clear the confusion. I have a friend who plans to travel to Alberta on Friday March 27th for a non-essential trip to visit friends. He called the BCCDC on March 20th and they did not tell him to cancel his plans. This advice was given to him after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and yourself asked people to stay home as much as possible. My friend thinks because it’s the not against the law to go on his trip that it is ok. He represents far too many British Columbians who believe the same thing and will not listen until it is against the law not to practice social distancing measures. 

We heard from our Prime Minister this morning that it is up to the provinces to take all necessary measures to enforce social distancing measures and that the emergency act will not be invoked at this time.

This morning we saw Nova Scotia take extreme measures. Yesterday we saw the territories take extreme measures. It is time for British Columbia to take extreme measures. We are leading the country with the most cases of COVID-19 – can we reverse it and lead the country in flattening the curve? I believe we can but that calls for extreme measures to be taken and enforced. Many British Columbians would love to lead in this way but we need your help. Our health care workers on the front lines are risking themselves for us, this is the least we can do for them. 

I urge you and your government to please put British Colombians first before it is too late. Please to not wait until our hospitals are overrun to take extreme measures.

I am not panicked or filled with anxiety about the situation we face, I am just a regular British Columbian who is concerned for the welfare of those around me. I’m concerned for my elderly neighbors. I’m concerned for my elderly grandfather who has respiratory complications. I’m concerned for those I do not know who may become critically ill or loose their life because our government responded too slowly.

I am not alone, Minister Dix. There is a growing out cry on social media for our government to put us on ‘lockdown’. I implore you, please do everything in your power to have our voices heard and do not allow our government to wait any longer.