Improve Access to Health Care in Small/Rural Communities

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Studies have shown that the overall health of residents residing in rural/small communities within our Province is significantly worse than those within more populated areas (Vancouver, Tri-Cities etc.)

Access to adequate Health Care as well as Healthy Living, well-being and sex education is dramatically limited within these less populated areas.

There is a drastic need for improvement in order to successfully care for ALL members within our Province and Country.

Improvement can be done in a multitude of ways such as expanding hospitals to obtain a higher ability to tend to greater, complex needs within Health Care system, therefore eliminating the need to transport patients elsewhere within the Province. Establishing Doctor's Offices, Walk-in Clinics, Abortion Clinics as well as Youth Clinics openly and easily available to all members within the community. As well as furthering education regarding health throughout various levels in the school system within the communities. 

By making a change, we will see a great improvement in the overall health and well-being of communities across the Province.