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Close to Joint Victory

Dear Supporters, I would like to express my profound and heart-felt appreciation for your support in my petition for open education in Rwanda which was launched late 2013, and I would love to hereby update you on the development. We were 87 signatories of the petition: not a very big number, but we made a strong case and our effort may be rewarded soon. The Government of Rwanda, through the Higher Education Council (HEC), a semi-autonomous institutions in the Ministry of Education, is willing to adopt ODeL at the rate of 50 percent in conventional tertiary education, provide an opportunity to potential students who have not been included in the conventional higher education due to family and professional commitment as well as finding an alternative cost-effective academic pathway for students who may not afford expensive conventional academic programmes. Allow me to disclose myself to you a little bit: in 2001, I was personally denied access to student loan and admission for undergraduate higher education under assumption that teacher-trainees would fail, which ended being a fallacy. After a powerful criticism of the claim, teacher-trainees and others targeted by the claim were admitted in 2002, though the cut-off point for them was made higher. From then on, attempt to cancel student loan to a massive number of students continued till it culminated into incidents that prompted the petition. The HEC intends to have an open, distance and eLearning policy which will underpin the open education endeavour and related practices. In a live Twitter session hosted by Honourable Minister of Education (#AskTheMinister), he welcomed any contribution that may open up tertiary education in Rwanda. I have contacted an official at the HEC as advised by the Minister to explore possibilities of my contribution in Open Education Policy and strategy in Rwanda. Any support that could lead to the success of open education in Rwanda is warmly welcomed. I hope we will be able to achieve socio-economic inclusion through open tertiary education in Rwanda. In the near future, we may celebrate, with the Government of Rwanda, joint victory against barriers to tertiary education and against inequality in terms of access to education. I will keep you updated on the development of the initiative. Best regards, Bernard

Bernard Nkuyubwatsi
7 years ago