Honor and recognize Adolfo "SHABBA DOO" Quinones at the 2024 & 2028 Olympics

Honor and recognize Adolfo "SHABBA DOO" Quinones at the 2024 & 2028 Olympics

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Why this petition matters

Started by Darryl Morning

“Ultimately people will realize it’s a valid art form, on the same level as jazz or ballet,” he told Newsweek in 1984. “And it’s a dance Americans should be proud of.”

~Adolfo 'SHABBA DOO' Quinones


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Adolfo was far more iconic and influential than he knew. Touching the lives of millions through films and videos, his energy has reverberated for the last 50 years. 

At a time when positive role models for ethnic people weren't being pushed or mass marketed, Adolfo hit the Soul Train stage with a flair and look that was unmatched!

His flair, his look, his style helped him make his mark. Up next, the big screen where he was able to show off his versatility. His abilities allowed him to knock down doors and give people of all hues and abilities the chance to come with him.

The door Shabba Doo knocked down led Breakdancing to the Olympic stage! Arguably the largest stage for sport. The Olympic stage will shed a light on a sport of dance that Shabba Doo is no longer here to experience or see how his baby has grown.

In 2024, Breakdancing will debut in the Olympics and in 2028 the Olympics will be in Los Angeles. We lost Adolfo 'Shabba Doo' Quinones in 2021 and it would be fitting to acknowledge the Godfather of dance during the Olympic ceremony at both venues.

We are starting this petition to gain the attention of the Olympic committee whom we hope will consider Adolfo's contribution to all of dance and give him recognition before the start of the competition.

There needs to be a mention of the forefather of the dance(s) (Locking, Poplocking, Boogaloo, Shway, Vogue, Robot, Ticking, etc...) that spawned into Breakdancing.

Adolfos introduction to the big screen was nothing but positive. His influence kept many kids off the street and busy practicing their next big move. He also provided a venue for kids who would otherwise have to make money a different, not so great way, a safe and much nicer way to make a living - through performing, acting, singing and dancing.

This opportunity to hone skills, afforded many dancers to go overseas and spread dance like wildfire. And, here we are...

Adolfo represented all dancers and all of dance very well. His resume is very long and for the most part stellar. See links below for resume and accomplishments. He started as a dancer and grew into a great actor and mentor, director and producer. 

He encouraged kids to never give up, fight for what you want, be respectful, take care of yourself and always live your part. There's no better story than Adolfo and we, the dance and community in general, we know he deserves this honor.

Without him at least acknowledged on that historic day in 2024, there will be a void and a lost opportunity to make a global connection with dancers all over the world who look up to him, Adolfo, as the Godfather of dance.








36 have signed. Let’s get to 50!